It's been five years since Sandra Oh left Grey's Anatomy and her exit still cuts deep. Even though she has never actually made a reappearance, the writers have worked in little sneak peeks of Oh's character, Cristina Yang. After all, she was an original from the start of the series and wasn't tragically killed off like so many others that we knew and loved. Even stars of the show miss her and Grey's Anatomy actor Kevin McKidd wants a Sandra Oh reappearance too.

Ottawa born Sandra Oh starred in ten seasons and had quite a rocky romance history and personal life.

After falling in love with her chief, Preston Burke, the couple had a disagreement over having a family together, suffered a miscarriage, and their relationship ultimately ended in Burke leaving Yang at the altar on their wedding day.

But she eventually met Owen Hunt, played by Kevin McKidd, who filled the Burke sized hole in her heart.

Oh left the show in 2014, and Yang's story ended with her moving to Switzerland to continue her surgical career. 

In a recent interview with BUILD Series on YouTube, McKidd sat down to discuss season 16 of Grey's Anatomy. 

When he was asked about how he felt when Yang sent a letter and made a slight appearance, McKidd had a lot to say about her and Hunt's current situation.

He said, "I often wonder, I'm like you know cause Meredith seems to be in contact with Cristina all the time, so does Owen? Do they just not text each other? I mean they must sort of direct message each other sometimes."

McKidd also added, "They should call each other. They didn't leave each other on bad terms, they were still in love when she left so I would like that, for Owen and Cristina to have some conversation."

If you needed a little heartwarming today, he also said that he and Oh are still best friends and recently talked on the phone so he will "call her and suggest that."

The interviewer also recommended that McKidd just has Yang send Hunt a text to show their friendship is still alive, and he seemed content with the idea.

Honestly, that would probably be enough to make viewers sob knowing that they still have some sort of friendship.

Check out McKidd's full interview with BUILD Series below.

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