It's no secret that Giacomo Gianniotti is proud of his Canadian roots, so we aren't really surprised that he's sporting some Raptors NBA champions merch. It did make us a little proud to see that he was repping Toronto all the way in Los Angeles though. What DID surprise us was the news he reported while wearing his Raptors baseball cap: Grey's Anatomy season 16 has started filming! 

This isn't the first time Gianniotti has repped Canada. Just last month he devoted his entire Instagram page to the Raptors and was seen drinking Canadian Beer in LA before the NBA finals.

This time he repped Toronto while recording himself walking in what could potentially be the backlot of the studio where Grey's Anatomy films. He let his fans know on his Instagram stories how excited he was to be back at work. He mentioned that today was the table read for the first episode of season 16 and that he can't wait for the world to see what they're doing this season. 

He also gave a special shoutout to his co-workers on the show saying that they're, "the best cast and crew in the world." 

This Grey's Anatomy filming announcement comes just two months after it was announced that the hospital drama would be getting two more seasons

You can catch Giacomo Gianniotti in Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy this fall. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming season