The Italian-Canadian actor joined Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as Andrew DeLuca in 2015 and became a series regular in 2016. Since then, his character has made quite a few lady doctors swoon including Maggie Pierce and Meredith Grey. That wasn't his first gig on a medical series because Grey's Anatomy star Giacomo Gianniotti had his TV start on the Italian show Medicina generale.

Gianniotti's very first credited acting role was on the drama in 2010. He played the punk rock looking character named Alberto Talenti. 

The series aired from 2007 to 2010 and was produced in Italy. IMDb writes that the plot was "About the lives of doctors doing their everyday jobs helping the people who are injured."

A review on IMDb calls the show "far more lovable and real-life-like hospital series than those American ones we are used to by watching ER or Grey's Anatomy."

The user gave 8/10 stars and continued writing that, "It is about the everyday life of an Italian Hospital, people who work there and patients who happen to get there. We also see interesting medical treatments and several problems of doctors' and nurses' private life."

The loaded cast features actors who come from all over Italy including Gianniotti who was born in Rome in 1989. He immigrated to Canada at a young age with his family and lived in Toronto where he got his education in acting during high school and college.

Staying true to his Italian roots, the actor starred in a 2018 movie called Azzurro where he played the main character named Claudio. 

The hour and a half-long movie was filmed in Apulia, Italy according to IMDb.

Claudio is a driver whose car breaks down in the middle of Southern Italy. The woman he's driving around named Gloria (played by Olivia Simone) waits for him on the beach while he gets the car repaired. 

Gianniotti's 21 acting credits on IMDb include his breakout role on Grey's Anatomy, as well as nine episodes as Leslie Garland on Murdoch Mysteries, five episodes on Reign, and 10 episodes as Freddy on Selfie.

In season 15, the Italian showed off his mother tongue language while swooning Meredith Grey when they got trapped in an elevator together. 

Gianniotti's Instagram page notes that he splits his time between his birth town Rome, his hometown Toronto, and Los Angeles where Grey's Anatomy is produced.