A Key Character Is Returning For "Grey's Anatomy" Season 16 & People Think It's Sandra Oh

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A Key Character Is Returning For "Grey's Anatomy" Season 16 & People Think It's Sandra Oh

It's been five years since we've watched Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang on our screens. Her departure after season 10 broke the hearts of OG Grey's Anatomy fans all over the globe. While her departure was solely just about her wanting to move on in her acting career, it doesn't mean we don't secretly wish she would return for at least an episode. Lucky for us, the Grey's Anatomy genie may be just around the corner ready to grant our wish. Sandra Oh could possibly be returning for season 16 of Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy fans are no stranger to casting changes in the drama's 16 seasons, so the announcement that a major character is set to return for 16 could be referencing A LOT of characters. However, fans have broken down the announcement and there is a lot of potential for Sandra Oh's return.

Kristin Vernoff, the head writer and executive producer of the show teased in a recent interview that, "she is trying hard to get a former Grey's Anatomy star to return this season." She didn't specify any character in general but she did imply that the process of getting the actor back is tough. 

Fans think that Sandra Oh's show Killing Eve is what's preventing the Canadian actor from returning to the drama, and that's why Vernoff is having a hard time recruiting her. 

We know that Sandra Oh still holds her time on Grey's Anatomy close to her heart so could it be possible she's the character set for a return this season? 

If we look at the other candidates for return, we can already rule out a few of them. Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane wouldn't be the ones to return but we can't count out characters like Arizona Robbins, Addison Montgomery, Callie Torres, and April Kepner. 

While we aren't sure who will be surprising us with a return this season, we do know quite a lot about the upcoming season. Grey's Anatomy season 16 premieres on September 26!