As you may know, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is rumoured to be dating Canadian musician Grimes. 

Last month, Grimes and Musk showed up arm in arm at the Met Gala. It didn't take long for fans to start speculating that the Musk's date was his new girlfriend.

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Musk had a long on again/off again relationship with Amber Heard and now that they've finally split for good, rumours say that Canadian musician Grimes is his new girlfriend!

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After a little digging and some translating, we figured out that Grimes just made their relationship "Instagram official" when she commented on Musk's Instagram post. 

Here's the post. 

Via elonmusk

In the picture, you can see a birthday cake with the words "Enjoy year 48 in simulation". In the comments, you can see that @grimes commented "мой демон 🖤👽 с днем рождения" which translates to "my demon 🖤👽 happy birthday". So it's official, Grimes and Musk are definitely dating. 

It looks like Grimes and Musk celebrated Musk's 48th birthday together last night. 

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Who even is Grimes? The Canadian musician's real name is Claire Elise Boucher. Grimes is 30 years old and known for her synth-pop and electronica type of music. She was originally born in Vancouver, Canada.

She's not only a musician, she's also a songwriter, record producer and visual artist. She definitely has a unique style. Her Instagram is filled with psychedelic photos.

It looks like Musk has moved on from Amber Heard and he's happy in his new relationship with Grimes.