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Grimes' Mom Reportedly Threw Shade At Elon Musk On Twitter & Things Got Awkward

His reference to 'The Matrix" didn't go down well!
Grimes' Mother

Looks like there's trouble in paradise! In a since-deleted tweet, Grimes' mom, Canadian journalist Sandy Garossino, seemingly attacked the father of her newborn grandchild. The reason for the Twitter drama surrounds a meme stemming from the hit 1999 film, The Matrix.

On May 17, Musk sent out a tweet saying, "Take the red pill 🌹." According to The Independent, this Matrix-inspired message has often been co-opted by men's rights activists and the alt-right.

The Independent also reports that after seeing the Tesla CEO's message on social media, Garossino tweeted, “If your partner went through a challenging pregnancy and childbirth in the last two weeks, and you were over 16 years old, would you be blaring MRA bulls*** on Twitter right now?”

Canadian activist and political consultant Gerald Butts also commented on the matter saying, “Buddy has a 3-week-old baby. Maybe step away from the broflakes.”

To this, Grimes' mother replied, “Not yet 2 weeks old.”

It's also been noted that Garossino retweeted a message from the Pivot podcast, which offered out a suggestion that Musk should be arrested for attempting to open his Tesla factories in California.

All tweets have since been deleted from the Canadian journalist's account, although BuzzFeed senior tech reporter Ryan Mac tweeted out screenshots of the incident.

Musk's message refers to a scene in The Matrix, where Keanu Reeves' character is given the choice between taking a red pill (seeing the truth of things), or a blue pill (existing in peaceful ignorance).

The film's director, Lilly Wachowski, was also unimpressed by Musk's use of the analogy.

The Tesla CEO and his Canadian girlfriend have earned a lot of attention this month, after the couple announced the birth of their first child together.

The duo named their newborn X Æ A-12.

The confusing and controversial name has stirred up plenty of discussion online, and it seems that even the couple can't agree on how to pronounce it.

Luckily, Musk's mother came up with the perfect nickname for the newborn baby.

Grimes has yet to publicly comment on the ongoing drama between her mother and boyfriend, but hopefully she shares some more adorable photos of X Æ A-12 for fans to enjoy!

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