This Ontario Beach's Colourful Cottages Look Like A Paint Factory Exploded

There's something magical about this spot.
Grimsby Beach And Its Colourful Cottages Look Like Something Out Of A Dr. Seuss Book

Don’t worry, beach happy! If you seriously can’t wait to feel the sand between your toes this summer, we’ve got the perfect spot for you. More than just sandy shores and fresh waves, the historic Grimsby Beach is home to several multi-coloured cottages and they look like a Dr. Seuss book has come to life. 

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario in Grimsby, the historic beach is one of the province's true hidden gems. 

And since this colourful wonderland is only an hour outside of the 6ix, it makes for an excellent day trip destination. 

The cottages are often referred to as gingerbread houses, which is an apt description if you ask us. 

In addition to the wide range of vibrant colours, you’ll find all sorts of whimsical mushrooms, mermaids, flowers, and more decorating these candy cottages. 

It really is a sight everyone should see at some point. 

Many of the cottages in this community have been around since the 1800s, though they’ve seen a fresh can of paint since then.

Everything about this spot basically screams “take my photo!”

But just remember, these cottages are privately owned so always respect their privacy. 

Now, let’s go to wonderland, shall we?

These cutie cottages are certainly the main attraction, but let’s not forget the beach itself. 

You can dig your toes into the warm sand and soak in gorgeous sunset views over Lake Ontario. 

Hello, perfection.

According to a post on the Grimsby website, the beach is also rich in history. 

Over the years, the area has been used as an Ontario Methodist Camp Meeting Ground, an amusement park, and finally, a gorgeous cottage escape.

So if you need a little colour in your life, why not add this fairytale spot to your travel bucket list?

Historic Grimsby Beach

Price: Free

Address: Grimsby, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can admire a series of whimsical cottages painted every colour of the rainbow at this historic beach spot. 

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