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Justin Trudeau Just Gave A Shout Out To All The Grocery Store Workers In Canada

He's asking Canadians to do the same.
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Grocery Store Workers In Canada Got A Shout Out From The PM

Finally some love and support for people working in the food sector. Grocery store workers in Canada got a shout out from the Prime Minister. He has also asked Canadians to do the same whenever we go out to get groceries.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people who work at grocery stores have dealt with a lot while doing their jobs like ridiculously long lines and people buying extreme amounts of toilet paper.

Now the Prime Minister is giving them some props for all that they're doing during this health crisis.

In a show of support and gratitude, Justin Trudeau tweeted out a message on May 9 for people all over Canada who are working to keep Canadians all over the country fed.

"Grocery store workers are stepping up every single day to make sure our shelves are stocked and we can get the food we need," Trudeau said in the tweet.

Following his own shout out, he asked Canadians to follow his lead and do the same by showing these workers some much-deserved love.

"They deserve our sincere thanks - so next time you head out for groceries, please thank them for everything they’re doing," the Prime Minister said.

Trudeau's message of gratitude comes just a couple of days after he announced that the federal government had come to an agreement with the provinces and territories about supporting essential workers.

With that agreement, people doing essential jobs across the country will get a wage top-up.

This will add up to $4 billion of funding with three-quarters of the money coming from Ottawa and one quarter coming from the provinces and territories.

"If you're risking your health to keep the country moving and you're making minimum wage, you deserve a raise," Trudeau said.

Each province and territory will get to decide which workers are considered essential to get the raise.

The wage top-up doesn't have parameters set out by the federal government because the COVID-19 pandemic is in different stages across Canada.

Also, there are varied approaches to essential work in different places in the country.

Trudeau noted that some provinces are looking at lists they've already created about what is essential to determine who gets the top-up.

So, grocery store workers could get that funding but it will ultimately be up to the regional governments to decide.

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