Video games have become more valuable than ever. Epic Games seems to know that, since they made GTA V free on their store. The move proved so popular that the entire system crashed.

According to The Verge, the Epic Games store had started a countdown to a free game being made available at 11:00 AM Eastern on May 14.

A leaked tweet revealed that Grand Theft Auto V would be that game.

Unfortunately, with so many people clamoring for the free title, the entire Epic Games store crashed.

Shortly after 11:00 AM, Epic Games tweeted, "We are currently experiencing high traffic on the Epic Games Store. We are aware that users may be encountering slow loading times, 500 errors, or launcher crashing at this time and we are actively working to scale. We'll provide an update as soon as we can."

As of writing, the Epic Games store website is still returning a "403 forbidden" message when you attempt to reach it.

Despite the crash, the game will be available to download for free until May 21.

If you want to get your digital copy, you'll need to have an Epic Games account, as well as the Epic Games launcher installed on your computer.

If you already have both of those things (and providing the site eventually makes its way back up), you can download the game and jump right in.

Right now is the perfect time to dive into a sandbox game like GTA V.

There’s a great story that you can play through, but also an entire open world to mess around in, giving you plenty of opportunities to kill time at home.

Anyone unfamiliar with video games should be made aware, though: unlike the lighthearted gameplay of something like Animal Crossing, the Grand Theft Auto series is definitely aimed at a mature audience.