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Guinea Pigs Loose In Ontario City Are Being Dumped By A Breeder, Sanctuary Suspects

When they say "that's not something you hear every day," this is what they were talking about. An area of Waterloo, Ont. is reporting finding unexpected guinea pigs in the wild in recent days. The local GPS Guinea Pig Sanctuary suggests there could be over 30 guinea pigs loose in Ontario right now.

We've all heard the stories, and seen the photos, of animals springing up all over the province in recent weeks with fewer pesky humans around.

Bears spotted in Ottawa and then later in Markham? Sure!

Deer chilling on beaches? Why not?

A moose on the loose in Orillia for three days? Yep!

An adorable fox family at Toronto's Woodbine Beach? Unfortunately, yes.

But, just when you think you've seen it all, loads of guinea pigs turn up.

A Facebook post from GPS, which is based in nearby Kitchener, Ont., reported the bizarre situation on Thursday, May 28, noting that seven have been caught so far.

"Guinea pigs rescued from Heasley Park in Waterloo," the post reads. "Long nails have been trimmed. At least one will need a tooth trim."

And GPS spokesperson Catherine Warren told Narcity on Thursday that the sanctuary believes somebody is illegally dumping them.

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The centre is worried that there could be over 30 more out there right now.

"We have no idea who is dumping them but are working to get an address so they can be dealt with accordingly," Warren told Narcity.

"We heard these people have 40 in their unit in (nearby) Sunnydale."

Warren added: "It's not safe for the guinea pigs. They are very domesticated; they won't survive on their own out there," to CTV News.

Corinne Angell, also of GPS, told CBC that they suspect the guinea pigs are being released by a breeder who has been unable to sell them due to the COID-19 pandemic.

Any of the animals that are rescued will be taken to a vet and then taken in by the sanctuary as they await permanent homes.

GPS is asking anyone who may come across one of the unsuspecting animals to get in touch with them.

"More are being dumped every day!" continues the Facebook post.

"Contact us if you can help catch, foster, adopt or donate! If you find any, let us know so we can see to their care."