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Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu's Sister & Business Partner Is Also A Total Fashion Icon

Their relationship is sibling-goals!
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Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu's Sister Is Also A Total Fashion Icon

Since Canada’s 2019 federal election, Canada has swooned over Gurkiran Kaur, the wife of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. As an entrepreneur, businesswoman, fashion icon and Instagram-superstar, Kaur has captured the hearts of thousands of Canadians, and now her sister has too! Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu’s sister is just as stylish as she is, and their relationship is total sister-goals.

When NDP leader Jagmeet Singh sprung into the limelight earlier this year, thanks to his hilarious social media presence and ridiculous Tik Tok videos, so did his wife, Gurkiran Kaur.

Since then, Kaur has captured the hearts of tens of thousands of Canadians, through her candid Instagram posts, incredible fashion-sense, and swoon-worthy relationship with her husband.

Now, it’s not just Kaur who has stepped into the spotlight but her sister too. Kaur’s sister, Anu Sidhu co-founded their fashion brand Jangiiro, and she’s got an equally impressive sense of style!

As a pair of fashion designers, it’s unsurprising that both Kaur and Sidhu are pretty fashion-forward, but their relationship as sisters is equally as impressive.

The two have often taken to social media to share their adventures together, and they truly seem to be sister-goals.

The fashion-forward pair established their clothing line together, describing it as “new age Punjabi clothing line that believes in customizing unique garments for each client.” 

Inspired by their love of vintage Punjab and the stories of their grandmother, Jangir Kaur,  the sisters say that Jangiiro garments “each have their own story.”

The two often take to Instagram to share pictures from their clothing line, as well as sharing sweet photos of the two of them together.

In early November, Kaur took to Instagram to share a heartfelt “happy birthday” message to her sister, posting four separate photos on her personal Instagram story. 

She wrote, “Happy birthday my beautiful sister," over several sweet images of the two siblings together.

Like Kaur, her sister clearly has a pretty distinct and beautiful sense of style, and regularly shares her clothing and outfits on her Instagram page.

The two are often pictured together and are unsurprisingly often wearing Punjabi clothes from their own fashion line.

You can keep up with the adventures of these two sisters by following them on Instagram here and here.

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