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Hailey Baldwin Loves Tim Hortons So Much That She Just Got It Delivered To Her In Los Angeles

Apparently, Hailey Baldwin has fallen in love with someone Canadian that isn't Justin Bieber. We all preach about our Canadian pride for Tim Hortons, but would we ever pay a delivery charge to get it to us from a different province? That's basically what she did. Hailey Baldwin got Tim Hortons delivered to her in Los Angeles

Hailey posted a picture on her Instagram story last night of a box of 50 Timbits and a cup of coffee. She captioned the photo, "we got Timmies in LA!!!!!" 

A quick Google search will tell you that the only Tim Hortons that existed in California is permanently closed, which means the closest location to LA is in North Dakota. How did they manage to get that delivered?

We know that Tim Hortons offers delivery service for US residents but usually, the website only offers prepackaged drinks like Coffee and Tea. Maybe one of Justin Bieber's relatives came for a visit and brought them over some Timbits. 

Either way, it doesn't come as a surprise that the Beibers would go to such lengths for Tim Hortons, they love the Canadian chain! Every time they visit Canada they skip the Starbucks and opt for the Timmies instead.

Justin even gave a box of donuts from Tim Hortons to Hailey for Valentine's day this year!