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Hailey Baldwin Was Caught Stalking Selena Gomez On Instagram And It Was So Awkward

Hailey Baldwin has been caught following and then unfollowing a Selena Gomez fan account.

Be honest with yourself – it's pretty normal to be curious about your S/O's ex and take measures to satisfy that curiosity, such as stalking their social media pages. It's super awkward if you do get caught, especially if you accidentally double tap on a photo from 2014. It's even more awkward though when you're a celebrity and your stalking endeavors go public, which was the case with Hailey Baldwin today. 

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Hailey Baldwin was lowkey stalking a Selena Gomez fan account, but her stalking tactics were exposed to the world when she accidentally followed that fan account. It gets even more awkward, though, because she even messaged the fan account to say it was an accidental follow since she wasn't unable to quietly unfollow the account before they noticed. 

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Hailey Baldwin was caught following @houseofsel, a fan account dedicated to Selena Gomez, aka Justin Bieber's longtime ex, and there are receipts. The account has 30,000 followers, which is sizable but definitely not the biggest fan account out there. This could mean the model had looked through several bigger Instas before making her way to the mid-size fan accounts.

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The model's mistake did not go unnoticed, though. The owner of the fan page quickly posted a screenshot onto the account of the model following her. 

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The owner of the fan account, who called herself Mia in the caption, accompanied the receipts of Hailey Baldwin following her with this caption: "Omfg hailey appareantly followed me and unfollowed lmaoooo whaaaat??"

Hailey Baldwin apparently felt the need to do damage control, and DMed the account personally. She wrote in her message to @houseofsel, "hey followed u by accident so sorry!" 

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This awkward incident comes after various occasions where Justin Bieber has broken down publicly due to his ex, Selena Gomez. In one of the recent breakdowns by the Biebs, which took place at a Harry Potter themed bar in Universal Studios, Hailey was overheard asking the singer, "Why is it always about Selena?". Despite this, she still looked supportive of her husband as she tried to calm him down. 

Considering how much history Jelena has, we're not all too surprised that Hailey Baldwin was stalking her husband's ex on Instagram. We are surprised by how it all went down, though. Getting exposed for stalking your S/O's ex has probably happened to tons of people. But the embarrassment of getting caught and having thousands of people know is much less relatable.