There's really no denying that Hailey Baldwin is the cutest. She manages to stay pretty lowkey and remain unproblematic, but still stuns people with her awesome fashion sense and killer personality! She's a great model, and super entertaining to watch on 'Drop the Mic'.

Baldwin is one of those girls who has mastered the no-makeup makeup look, and in her newest 5-step beauty tutorial with Vogue, she fills us in on all her killer beauty secrets to get the perfect California Glow.

Baldwin says she likes to start the routine fresh faced, and then applies some of the Glow Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm. These drops definitely aren't cheap, but hey, skin as great as hers comes at a price! Choosing to skip a brush for application, Baldwin says, "I use my hands on my face because... I know where my hands have been."

Next, Baldwin applies some Tom Ford Concealer under her eyes, and fills viewers in with a super helpful tip. "I was always told to tap your concealer, don't rub it," she says.

Via Vogue

For contour, Baldwin chooses another Tom Ford favourite, the Shade and Illuminate palette. "I don't like to just put bronzer on my cheekbones, I put it on my actual cheeks too because I think it makes you look more tanned," advises Baldwin.

Next up is eyebrows, and Baldwin's product of choice is... No product at all! She says that's quite picky about her eyebrows, so she usually chooses to just brush them and "call it a day". If my brows were that great naturally, I probably wouldn't want to put any product in them either.

Via Vogue

For Blush, Baldwin chooses the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, spilling another helpful tip. "I think when you're doing the sun-kissed glowy thing, and you bring [the blush] across your nose, it kind of makes it look like you actually got caught in the sun.

The most important part of a summer look is the glow, of course! Baldwin goes back to the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palette once again, which she applies on her cheeks, nose, and cupids bow! Once that's done, she sets the look with the Giorgio Armani Pressed Face Powder but only in the spots where she gets oily!

To complete the look, Baldwin adds some simple eyeshadow, mascara, powder highlight, lip colour, and of course, SPF to protect your face from the sun.

Via Vogue

So there you have it! Everything you need to get that flawless, sun-kissed, Hailey Baldwin glow for the summer. Seems easy enough!