Hailey Bieber’s Latest Insta Post Shows Her In A Magical Sauna In Ontario (PHOTO)

The view is so nice!
Hailey Bieber’s Latest Insta Post Shows Her In A Magical Sauna In Ontario (PHOTO)

This celeb is making her own warmth in Canada! Hailey Bieber updated her followers on how exactly she’s been spending her time in Ontario. Summer has yet to reach the country, but she’s channelling the July heat with a dreamy sauna picture on Instagram.

In the recent photo, the 23-year-old posed in a wood-panelled sauna, with her hands over her face and wearing a red two-piece swimsuit. Behind the model, the glass window of the room exposes the magical Ontario treetops that make even the overcast skies look beautiful.

She captioned the moment, “quarantine sweat.”

Although Hailey didn’t mention where this miniature dream getaway is located, she’s been self-isolating with husband Justin Bieber in their Ontario mansion since March.

In a recent Instagram live she even mentioned how “reconnected” and “unexpectedly happy” spending time in Canada has made her feel.

Besides passing the days away in a magical sauna and making viral TikTok’s, the couple has also started their own Facebook series called, The Biebers on Watch.

Releasing episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the description for the vlog on Justin’s Facebook page reads, "Justin & Hailey Bieber open up their home and marriage to offer an exclusive look at their life through a series of intimate conversations and activities with famous friends and family.”

Since it premiered on May 4, the couple has already released five episodes discussing everything from the struggles of marriage to playing a heated game of Jenga.

If you’re interested, you can continue keeping up with the Biebers in Canada on his Facebook page