You May Not Be Able To Get A Haircut In Florida For Months

You'll have to wait to tame that quarantine mane!
Hair Salons Excluded From DeSantis' First Reopening Phase Plan For Florida

After nearly four weeks of staying home, the Sunshine State moves into its first wave of non-essential businesses reopening their doors next week following an announcement from Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday. Many businesses will remain closed, however, including hair salons. DeSantis' three-phase reopening plan for Florida has restaurants on the docket for you to get your dine-out fix, but if you were hoping to tame that quarantine mane, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

At this time, gyms, bars, theaters, theme parks, sports venues, schools, and personal services like barbershops, hair, and nail salons will stay closed.

As to when we might be able to enjoy these spaces again, the governor did not announce a specific timeline, but this is just the beginning of the road back to normalcy, so don't cut those bangs just yet!

“Each phase we’re thinking about weeks," said DeSantis, "not thinking about months.”

The governor also mentioned that when we'd see the start of phases two and three would depend on how successfully phase one plays out.

His decisions will be guided by continued close monitoring of COVID-19 case statistics and cooperation with local health and state officials.

Beginning Monday, May 4, you can look forward to eating out at restaurants again, both indoors and outdoors, although certain restrictions will apply.

Those dining outdoors will have tables set six feet apart to continue following social distancing guidelines, with both indoor and outdoor spaces having a 25% maximum capacity.

Indoor retail stores will also be capped at 25%, and elective surgeries will resume. However, you’re still going to have to get creative with those at-home workouts, self-care routines, and movie nights.

Face masks, avoiding groups larger than 10 people, and continuing to social distance during your daily routines is still recommended.

Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties are excluded from the reopening order at this time, having been the epicenter of the outbreak in Florida.

According to Florida's COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard, the state has seen a total of 33,960 cases, with 5,589 hospitalizations. The dashboard regularly updates as new data is discovered.

Predictions of overwhelmed health care facilities have been false, according to DeSantis, and hospital and physician organizations have even sent letters to the governor asking to scale back their restrictions.

Senior Vice President of Orlando Health Sunil Desai told ClickOrlando that "the health system is overwhelmingly prepared with equipment, beds, [and] staffing.”

While there may still be a few more weeks of growing out your bangs, the slow methodical steps to reopening have begun, so you may get to see your stylist sooner than you think.

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