If you’re heading into Valentine’s Day on a tight budget, or just looking to save cash wherever you can, dine out at one of the ten amazing restaurants we’ve listed below next time you’re looking to grab a bite and save some serious cash while enjoying a tasty meal.

All the dishes we’ve collected come out to under just $10, making them the perfect way to enjoy some delicious Halifax eats without breaking the bank.


Indochine Banh Mi // 1551 South Park Street

Restaurant Style: Vietnamese

Recommended Dish: Pineapple Beef Banh Mi Sandwich for $8.25


Ko-Doraku // 5640 Spring Garden Road

Restaurant Style: Japanese

Recommended Dish: Tempura Salmon Combo, with 4 pieces of Tempura Salmon Roll, 3 pieces of Alaska Roll and a side salad for $8.75


Truly Tasty // 6214 Quinpool Road

Restaurant Style: Chinese

Recommended Dish: Green Onion Oil Ramen for $8.95


The Nook Halifax // 2118 Gottingen Street

Restaurant Style: Café

Recommended Dish: Nachos with organic corn chips, veggies, nacho cheese and sriracha-infused oil for $8.99


Fredie’s Fantastic Fishhouse // 8 Oland Crescent

Restaurant Style: Seafood

Recommended Dish: Fish Burger for $6.50


Lion & Bright // 2534 Agricola Street

Restaurant Style: Canadian

Recommended Dish: BBQ Braised Pork Shoulder Tacos for $9


Krave Burger // 5680 Spring Garden Road

Restaurant Style: Burgers

Recommended Dish: The Bacon Cheese Burger for $8.29


The 244 // 2150 Gottingen Street

Restaurant Style: American

Recommended Dish: Taco Al Pastor for $8


Tawa Grill // 1496 Lower Water Street

Restaurant Style: Indian

Recommended Dish: Channa Masala for $8.99


Happy Veal Hot Pot // 1333 South Park Street

Restaurant Style: Chinese

Recommended Dish: Shrimp & Chive Dumplings for $7.00