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10 Gorgeous Vineyards In The Annapolis Valley That Are Totally Worth Visiting

All east coast wine lovers know that when it comes to investing in a bottle of Nova Scotian wine, a red or white from the Annapolis Valley is the way to go!  The unique coastal landscape in this region provides soil with the nutrients necessary to create some of the best wine in Canada, and for that reason many wineries have opened up throughout the region over the past decade.

Spend a weekend this summer exploring Nova Scotia wine country, and get a group of friends together before embarking on winery adventure through the Annapolis Valley.  Stay overnight at an Airbnb in Wolfville, and take day trips out to tastings, weddings or events at each of the picturesque vineyards we’ve listed below - just make sure you always designate a sober driver, or embark on a Magic Winery Bus Tour!

Sainte-Famille Wines // 11 Dudley Park Lane

Start your trip by visiting this 25-year-old Falmouth winery, perched on the scenic Avon River Valley.  With eight varieties of white grapes and four varieties of red, this Nova Scotian vineyard produces over 20 different bottles of delicious wine that you have to try on your next visit to this gorgeous winery.  For Sainte-Famille tour information, click here.

Avondale Sky Winery // 80 Avondale Cross Road

Located near Sainte-Famille, the Avondale Sky Winery is an awesome spot for your next afternoon wine tasting.  Hang out inside the century-old St. Matthews church, which was transported all the way from Walton by ferry to provide Avondale visitors with “one of the most tranquil and lovely wine tasting rooms in the world” according to The Globe and Mail.  Be sure to try a bite at their delicious D’Vine Morsels Restaurant while you’re there!

Luckett Vineyards // 1293 Grand Pré Road

Visit this popular Wolfville winery to find out how some of your favorite local wines are made and try a tasting of their newer brands like Buried Red and Phone Box White.  Explore the gorgeous Luckett Vineyards property, grab lunch at The Crush Pad Bistro and take a picture with the famous red British phone booth during your next day trip to the Annapolis Valley.

Domaine de Grand Pre // 11611 Highway 1

With an incredible view of the Bay of Fundy, try the unique wines created by Domain de Grand Pre on your next tour of this picturesque vineyard, and find out why this local brand is committed to creating a unique Nova Scotian taste with their wines.  Spend the day touring their property, and wind down with a tasty meal at their Le Caveau Restaurant.

Lightfoot and Wolfville Vineyards // 11199 Evangeline Trail

Explore the 35 acre Lightfoot and Wolfville Vineyards, and enjoy some phenomenal views of Cape Blomidon and the nearby Minas Basin while sampling artisanal, organic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines created by the team at this gorgeous Nova Scotian vineyard.

L’Acadie Vineyards // 310 Slayter Road

Next up on your wine tasting journey take a day trip to the family run L’Acadie Vineyards and try some of the provinces best sparkling wine, made by acclaimed international sparkling winemaker Bruce Ewert, who’s Prestige Brut was the 2010 top scoring sparkling wine in Canada.  L’Acadie is also one of the few certified organic vineyards and wineries in Nova Scotia, and they pride themselves on the use of age old methods to create their unique products.

Gaspereau Vineyards // 2239 White Rock Road

Located near the shores of its namesake river, the unique coastal landscape surrounding this Wolfville vineyard enriches the soil in a way that allows it to produce some of the best grapes in the country.  Visit the Gaspereau Vineyards for a tasting this summer, and sample some of their 2015 Riesling, which was one of three Nova Scotian wines that received the Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wines last year.

Benjamin Bridge Vineyards // 1842 White Rock Road

Benjamin Bridge is another popular sparkling wine producer in Nova Scotia that you have to hit along your Annapolis Valley tour.  Located close to the Gaspereau Vineyards and exposed to a similar climate, the cool weather in this area is comparable to that of the Champagne region of France, meaning the sparkling wines made at Benjamin Bridge will bear the hallmarks of classic prestige cuvées from France with a Nova Scotian spin.

Planters Ridge Winery // 1441 Church Street

Located on a picturesque 7.5 acre farm with a refurbished 150-year-old house and barn on the property, Planters Ridge opened up in the spring of 2011, bringing a new take on artisanal wine making to the Port Williams region.  Situated on sandy-clay slopes overlooking the Wellington Dyke, this scenic vineyard is the perfect place to spend a day touring and tasting all the reds, whites and roses offered by this new Nova Scotian winery.

Blomidon Estate Winery // 10318 NS-221

On your next Annapolis Valley vineyard adventure don't forget to visit the Blomidon Estate Winery, boasting an incredible seaside view from the Minas Basin shores. Tour the vineyard and taste Blomidon’s pure, 100% Nova Scotian wines. Stay overnight at a B&B nearby and spend a weekend visiting the stunning Blomidon Provincial Park nearby!

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