10 Reasons Why You Should Go To University In Halifax

There are so many schools here to choose from!
10 Reasons Why You Should Go To University In Halifax

There’s a reason why Halifax has such a gigantic student body, and it’s not just because of all the bars.  The HRM has a ton of post-secondary institutions for students from all over the world to choose from, each offering a huge variety of courses and disciplines that appeal to a wide range of interests.

Whether you’re looking to begin an undergrad in engineering, or pursue your love of photography, there’s a university/college in Halifax that has the perfect program for you.  And what better way to explore Canada’s east coast than by spending a couple years studying out here?

Here are ten reasons why we think studying in Halifax is the best call you can make. 

1. You’ll get to live by the ocean

Whether you’re from the east coast originally, or you’re looking for a change of scenery, the beauty of Nova Scotia will never disappoint.

2. There are tons of amazing places to travel nearby

Studying out east will give you the chance to road trip, hike and camp through a variety of nearby provincial and national parks during the course of your degree – some of which are right in the heart of Halifax!

3. You’ll meet lots of cool new people

Students from all over the world travel to Halifax in order to take advantage of the incredible post-secondary programs offered here.  Regardless of whether you’re studying fine arts at NSCAD or commerce at Dal, there will be interesting people in all of your classes that you would never have met outside of university.

4. There’s a program for everyone

With such a huge group of post-secondary institutions to choose from, students are provided with the most flexibility when it comes to picking courses.  Whether you’re hoping to pursue a Ph.D. or a short-term certificate program, there’s likely a school that will offer exactly what you’re looking for!

5. You’ll get the full student experience

With over 30,000 students living in the HRM, there are residential pockets throughout the city that have a distinctly college vibe.  Each post-secondary institution has a ton of school spirit, inclusive frosh programs and present student unions that will gain your loyalty in no time.

6. There’s always something fun to do

Halifax is Atlantic Canada’s largest city, and home to the most bars per capita in Canada.  Combine that with a massive student population and you’re in for a good time any night of the week!

7. You’ll become part of the community

Given Halifax’s size, students within the city not only have the option of integrating themselves within their student body, but are also given the chance to join the Haligonian community as a whole.  There’s a huge emphasis on supporting local business’ and artists here, a movement in which students are welcome to participate in.

8. There’s a history here to be discovered

Being one of the oldest cities in Canada, Halifax has a ton of historical sites for newcomers to explore.  Head over to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, where it’s estimated that one in five Canadians are related to an immigrant that came through this Halifax port.  Or take a ride over to Dartmouth on the oldest continually operational saltwater ferry service in North America.

9. The food is incredible!

Although you’ll be eating on a student budget, it’s definitely worth splurging once in a while to try some of the best seafood in Canada, served nightly at some incredible restaurants all over Halifax.  Head up to the North End when you get the chance and explore all the locally owned restaurants there serving incredible stuff!

10. There are so many great schools to choose from

There are six chartered universities in Halifax alone and a total of ten in Nova Scotia, plus a massive variety of college and certificate programs that are also available throughout the province, ensuring every Halifax student is provided with the most choices possible when selecting their field of study.

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