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10 Reasons Why Halifax Is The Best City In Canada

If you don't know, now you know.
10 Reasons Why Halifax Is The Best City In Canada

Not to state the obvious, but anyone who has ever lived in Halifax knows for a fact that it is the best city in Canada. It just is.  You might be thinking to yourself: “But what about Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver?” Well stop right there. These cities might be bigger, but that in no way means that they are better. In fact, big cities are just overwhelming, whereas Halifax is the perfect size. So obviously we are the perfect city.

In case you’re not already convinced, check out the list below for reasons why our beloved Hali is without a doubt the best city in the country.

1. We're the perfect size

Halifax knows how to achieve the perfect balance of big city flare and small town charm. Our downtown in a hub of culture, food, sports, and business, but head up to the South or the North end and suddenly it's like you're in a different city. Not to mention, we're easy to navigate because there aren't a thousand different neighborhoods (I'm looking at you, Toronto.)

2. It's actually affordable to live here

Whether you're a student trying to afford rent or raising a family here, owning or renting a home is actually possible in Halifax, especially when you're comparing us to Toronto or Vancouver. And because so much of our population is made up of students, most of the city is already reasonably priced, whether it's food, drinks or fashion.

3. There are tons of Universities

Halifax boasts 5 large universities in the city alone, so there is no shortage of young people, which means the city is always alive. It makes Halifax feel safer, and if you're a student as well, you can basically guarantee that you will recognize at least three people when you go for a stroll around the city.

4. We've got some amazing nightlife

You've heard it once and you'll hear it again: Halifax has the most bars per capita out of any city in Canada.  This fact alone should put us in the top spot for best city. Not only that, but we have a selection of bars and nightclubs that will appeal to all crowds and all ages, with deals going on every day of the week. Whether you prefer live music or sweating your butt off on the dance floor to pop 90's hits, we can guarantee you'll have a night you (probably) won't remember, but you won't want to forget.


Salty air, ocean breeze, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Really, what more explanation do you need?

6. ….So we get the best seafood

All our seafood is guaranteed to be the freshest around, thanks for the fishermen who work tirelessly all season long. We're especially famous for our oysters, lobster, and scallops (pronounced scollop!) brought fresh from Digby, Nova Scotia.

7. We're surrounded by incredible natural landscapes

Need a break from the city? Not a problem, just head to the Public Gardens, Point Pleasant Park, or a little bit further out to Kearney Lake and be transported by the serene sounds of nature all around you.

8. There's an incredible music scene here

Halifax is known for a lot of things, and one of those things is its incredible music scene. With so many local bands and musicians constantly flocking to the East Coast, we know how to appreciate music around here. And with all those bars, there is no shortage of venues and events going on no matter the day of the week.

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9. We have Alexander Keith

Alexander Keith came over from Scotland in 1817, and he could have gone anywhere in Canada, but he came to Halifax because we are obviously the best city. Apart from being a 3-time mayor of our wonderful city, he also started the famous Alexander Keith's brewing company, which to this day remains notorious, and is one of our many prides.

10. Drunk lampposts. Enough said.

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