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10 Reasons Why You Need A Halifax Boyfriend In Your Life

Hali boys are the best boys!
10 Reasons Why You Need A Halifax Boyfriend In Your Life

Hali boys are one of a kind (similar to Hali girls) they are just the type your mom likes - a nice guy on the streets and (hopefully for you) a freak in the sheets. From the Dome to the Public Library, Hali guys have exactly what it takes to be the perfect boyfriend.

This may go unrecognised by some, but we're here to make sure Hali guys get the credit they deserve just in time for Valentine's Day.  Here are all the reasons why you undeniably need a Halifax boyfriend in your life.

1. They’re outdoorsy

Almost every Hali guy has been camping, likes to go to the beach and has played an outdoor sport or two. Most even know how to start a crazy bonfire in the backyard, which is a plus because it gets cold at night in Halifax, even in the summer. They also like going on hikes in the wilderness and will jump in the ocean with you despite how frigid it is.

2. They've probably played hockey

Sidney Crosby, Nathan Mackinnon and Brad Marchand all came from this small part of the world. Let’s not kid ourselves, most Hali guys might not make it to the NHL and be millionaires like Sid the Kid but they’ll try, and look good doing it.

3. They may know how to drive a boat

We live in a province surrounded by beautiful ocean and lakes. It’s common to go boating in the summer and if you can find a dude with his boating license, you’ve won the dating game. Adventures on the lake with your Hali guy is a great way to spend a summer and will keep your flame going into winter when hopefully he can make you a big bonfire to keep you warm.

4. They like dogs

Guy with a dog=hot. I think that’s pretty self-explanatory.

5. They know what you like at Dairy Queen

When you’re sad, celebrating or just flat out hungry, good Hali guys know to ask their significant other what their fav ice cream is. Boys if you haven’t, start asking because one extra cheesecake bits blizzard can make the world of difference in your relationship.

6. They’ll take you out to movies on Tuesdays

Yes, they take you out on cheap night, but trust me ain’t nobody got the money for dat on a regular night with those soaring movie prices. Hali guys take you out instead of just "Netflix and chilling" at home and they’re good with money? Where can I sign up?

7. They are most likely educated

With all of the universities and colleges in Halifax, Hali boys are bound to have some smarts. This means that they’ll probably have a good job, make good money and finally take you on that trip the Bahamas you’ve always wanted to go on. See what an education can do? Okay, well maybe they won’t take you to the Bahamas but they’ll know more about the world around them... which is always a plus.

8. They're friendly and genuine

Haligonians are literally some of the nicest people in Canada (arguably the world). Halifax guys will hold the door open for you, walk you to your car and maybe even text you first.

 9. He has lots of cozy sweaters for you to borrow

Whether there his old sports team sweaters or just a nice cozy flannel, Hali boys will keep you comfy all year long...and oversized sweaters are totally in style right now.

10. They can cook you a crazy meal

Halifax guys know how to cook: seafood, pizza, breakfast in the morning. They've got it down and you can thank their East Coast upbringing...or struggling without their parents to cook for them in university.

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