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10 Sushi Restaurants In Nova Scotia That Will Give You A Major Food Coma

When it comes to sushi, you either have to go big or go home. Just ordering two rolls is never enough, especially if you're getting sushi in Nova Scotia. You can't just walk into one of these restaurants and leave with a half empty stomach. 

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If you're looking for a place to go and eat till you can't anymore, we've got you covered. Below is a list of the best sushi restaurants in Nova Scotia that not only have delicious items on their menu but will also feed you until you pass out. 

Wasabi House // 6403 Quinpool Rd

With amazing Lunch Specials, Happy Hour Deals and a large menu, Wasabi House is definitely not a place to pass up. In addition to the food you order, they'll also make up a couple extra plates for you and your friends to enjoy!

Ji Xiang Sushi // 6311 Quinpool Rd

Ji Xiang Sushi is one of the best places to go if you're looking for all you can eat sushi. Their $14.95 all you can eat special is totally worth checking out. 

Sushi Jet // 5518 Spring Garden Rd

With over 100 options on their all you can eat menu, saying they have a variety of options is sort of an understatement. 

Sushi Nami Royale // 1535 Dresden Row

With 3 locations in Nova Scotia, a menu with decent prices and a fantastic dine-in experience, Sushi Nami Royale is always a great place for you to get your sushi fix!

Mizu Restaurant // 644 Portland St

Located in Dartmouth, Mizu is specifically an all you can eat sushi establishment. In addition to their massive Lunch and Dinner menus, they also have the option of ordering all you can eat take out!

Fresh Happy Healthy Sushi Restaurant // 75 Peakview Way

With a large menu featured on their website, you can tell Fresh Happy Healthy Sushi Restaurant is all about sushi. Not to mention, their all you can eat lunch and dinner menu is unreal!

Sushi Shige Japanese Restaurant // 1532 Granville St

With a full take out menu and in addition to their 7-page dine in menu,  Sushi Shige has a lot to offer its customers! 

Hamachi Kita Sushi & Asian Flare // 5537 Young St

Located in the picturesque Hydrostone District in the North End, Hamachi Kita is a great place to settle down and grab a meal. Their sushi menu is unreal and definitely worth checking out. 

Genji Sushi // 184 Wyse Rd

Genji Sushi has huge portions and will definitely fix any sushi craving you're having. With both their normal menu and their all you can eat option, they definitely have something for everyone. 

Hamachi Steakhouse Bar & Grill// Bishops Landing

The Waterfront sister to Hamachi Kita Sushi & Asian Flare, Hamachi House is an awesome place to enjoy some sushi on the patio with some waterfront views.

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