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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Coming To Dalhousie University

If only there was a guidebook to University.
10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Coming To Dalhousie University

Once you get accepted into university, you underestimate how much you need to know before you arrive in September, especially if you're moving to a new city. Moving to Halifax and coming to Dalhousie you realize there's a lot more to school than sporting events, drinking, and classes.

Dalhousie offers its student's so many many opportunities and experience. But some students, like myself, may not know about the many societies and events Dal offers to its students each year. Below is a list of the things I wish I had learned before coming to Dal.

1.Which meal hall had the best food

Living in a residence without a meal hall means you get the chance to sample which meal hall has the best Saturday morning brunch or the best midday snack. Shirreff Meal Hall not only has the best breakfast on campus but also has delicious wraps made by Janet (or as some called them, Janwiches). Totally worth checking out on your lunch break.

2.The best residence to live in

Dalhousie has so many options for residences to live in. Some may be biased in terms of which residence is the best one (Eliza Ritchie Hall forever!). Consider each residence before applying to see which ones fit your needs best. Aim for ones with sinks in each room. It’s a life saver. Trust me.

3.How to navigate the LSC

As if Dalhousie’s campus map isn’t confusing enough, the LSC is like the maze from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. On your first day of classes in the building, take a picture with your phone of the map at the bottom of the stairs, next to the Tim’s. It’ll be your go-to till you master the maze.

4.Where I could use my Dal Card in the city

When I first moved to Halifax, I found that I found out where I could use my Dal Card by just wandering around. Here is a helpful list of places that offer Dal Card services off campus!

5.How important O-Week is

You may think O-Week is just bouncy castles and live music but it’s so much more than that. O-Week is the time where you can meet your friends, get to know the campus and experience how fun university can be before classes take over. Events like Shine Day, Cosmic Bingo and Dalympics are just a few of the incredible activities to take part in.

6.The number of clubs and societies you could join

Dalhousie has almost 300 clubs and societies students can join! Some of which include: DalDance, Dal Theatre Society, Super Smash Bros Society and so much more. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Society Carnival in September to check out all your options.

7.The Dal Bike Centre

Dalhousie has a Bike Centre right on campus in the Studley Gym that offers bike rentals for free as well as tools to help you fix up your bike. Just bring by your Dal Card and they’ll be happy to help you out!

8.The best places on campus to hide away and study

There are numerous places on campus aside from the Killam Library to study on Dalhousie’s main campus. Some personal favorites include rooftop greenhouses in the LSC, the Second Cup in the Computer Sciences Building or the Outdoor Courtyard of the McCain Building.

9.Where the nearest IKEA is

Before 2017, you would have to enjoy a road trip to Quebec for your Ektorp sofa! This year you can ditch your road trip plans and head out to Dartmouth Crossing to get all of your dorm room needs.

10.The best places to order pizza from in the city

Although you get some pamphlets in your O-Week kit, be sure to do your own Pizza Research with your friends. Search for the best delivery deals and be sure to experiment with different pizza establishments in the city.

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