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10 Unique Places To De-Stress In Halifax After Finals

This week has been particularly difficult for the students of Halifax to say the least.  With multiple final papers due and exams looming on the horizon everyone’s in crunch mode hustling in the library.

Ease your exam stress by taking a class or spending a night drinking at one of the relaxing Halifax spots that we have listed below.

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Timber Lounge // 2712 Agricola Street

Make your action movie dreams a reality at Timber Lounge on Agricola Street. This Halifax bar allows groups the chance to hit some pretty ambitious targets by whipping an axe across the room…the perfect way to take out your post exam stress. Be sure to enjoy a delicious craft beer, after the axe throwing of course.

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The Flotation Centre // 2631 King Street

In the words of the Flotation Centre experts, it’s “75 minutes of space travel, no experience required.” That pretty much sums up sensory deprivation therapy, where your body floats in a bath of salt water and your mind is left to wander wherever it pleases. Immerse yourself in one of these watery chambers and let all your exam anxiety drift away.

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The Salt Room // 3514 Joseph Howe Drive

The Salt Room is exactly what is sounds like- a room made of Dead Sea salt. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, anti-pathogenic and anti-anything-that-is-bad-for-you properties of the salt allow for physical healing of the body, while the tranquil setting promotes relaxation and healing of a mind riddled with school related stress.

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Sauna Nova Scotia // 2616 Windsor Street

Who needs to leave the city for an expensive spa retreat when you have a beautiful, affordable mobile sauna right in the heart of down town Halifax? The founders of Sauna Nova Scotia Erica and Devin Brook built this amazing mobile sauna by hand in 2015, and have been bringing it all over the province for people to try. They are currently parked at 2616 Windsor Street, offering sauna sessions for those looking to escape the cold and indulge in some much-deserved post exam R&R.

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Halifax Shambhala Centre // 1084 Tower Road

The Shambhala Centre is a spot in the South End where Haligonians can visit to take part in free guided meditation sessions and learn more about Buddhist teachings. Community gatherings, introductory classes, and daily meditation sessions that emphasize the importance of mindfulness and awareness are offered by this extremely accessible centre! Visit for free if you're looking for a little bit of peace and quiet.

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World Tea House // 1592 Argyle Street

This downtown Halifax café is the perfect place to hang out with friends or learn about some old world tea traditions. Take part in a tea leaf tarot reading on Thursdays and Fridays by appointment, or take part in a tea class at only $10 per person, during which you can sample different types of teas from all over the world.

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Obladee Wine Tasting // 1600 Barrington Street

If tea isn’t quite hardcore enough to ease the stress caused by your recent exam season, then get a group of friends together for a wine tasting at Obladee on Barrington. Try the introduction to Nova Scotian wine, where groups taste and discuss four styles of Nova Scotian wine from a couple different local regions.

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Shanti Hot Yoga // 5508 Spring Garden Road

What relaxation list would be complete without the addition of a yoga studio? Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for years, the workshops, hot yoga classes and meditation sessions lead by the awesome staff at Shanti will be sure to ease your school related stress.

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Studio In Essence // 1535 Dresden Row

Try something different at Studio In Essence with their 8-week Aerial Silks class. Whenever you go to the circus (which is often?) those people who are sliding down from the ceiling on pieces of colorful fabric are doing aerial silks – that could be you! And this way if you failed your exams you can become an acrobat.

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Middle Spoon Desserterie // 1563 Barrington Street

If all else fails, just stuff your face with sugary foods right after you write your last exam. The Middle Spoon is an awesome spot for dessert and cocktails, two fast acting cures for school related stress. We recommend the chocolate lava cake with cheesecake pieces on top!

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