Not that you need an excuse to pop open a bottle and get ur drink on, but if you did, this list is here to provide you with ten. Halifax, and Nova Scotia in general, is home to some of the most delicious Canadian wine, and with so many wine bars and specialty wine markets throughout the city, you have plenty of options on where to induce your next wine-hangover.

If you’re ready for a good time, please refer to the list below.

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1. Obladee Wine Bar // 1600 Barrington St.

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2. Lot Six Bar and Restaurant // 1685 Argyle St.

3. Noble Grape // 2100 Oxford St.

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4. Bicycle Thief // 1475 Lower Water St.

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5. 2 Doors Down Food and Wine // 1533 Barrington St.

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6. Rockhead Wine and Beer Market // 2651 Windsor St.

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7. Bishop’s Cellar // 1477 Lower Water St.

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8. Brenton Grill and Wine Bar // 5677 Brenton Place

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9. Maritime Wine and Beer Emporium // 6015 Lady Hammond Rd.

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10. Lion and Bright Café Wine Bar // 2543 Agricola St.

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11. Grape Escapes Wine Tour

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