As the weather begins to warm up and the spring rain subsides, Maritimers all over the east coast begin to itch for adventure.  This summer, get out of the city as much as possible by hitting some of the gorgeous beaches and scenic hiking trails that cover New Brunswick.  Take advantage of the few warm summer months us Canadians get to experience by booking a campsite with friends and exploring the provincial parks we’ve listed below.

Visitors from all over the world flock to New Brunswick every year to take in our incredible tides, ocean views, diverse wildlife and unforgettable landscapes.  Save drinks on the patio for a weeknight, and round up your squad for a provincial parks road trip next time the forecast is looking optimistic.

Below we’ve put together a collection of our favourite parks throughout New Brunswick, and included a couple unique activities you can try on your next visit!  Mark the next long weekend on your calendar and begin preparing for an epic getaway full of adventure.

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Mount Carleton Provincial Park


Explore 42,000 acres of mountain ranges and incredible hiking trails. Reach the top of Mount Carleton, the highest peak in the Maritimes, and keep your eye out for over 30 diverse mammal species that reside in the park. For directions and camping fees, click here.

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Mactaquac Provincial Park


Hike along the Saint John River and take in the camping grounds and secluded woodlands that cover 1,300 acres of Mactaquac Provincial Park. Go for a swim at the freshwater beaches within the park, or embark on a TreeGO Mactaquac Aerial Adventure along ziplines through the trees.

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Parlee Beach Provincial Park


This gorgeous provincial park boasts some of the nicest beaches and warmest salt water swimming in Canada. Camp out at one of the 190 immaculately groomed sites that cover this park, or visit the World’s largest lobster sculpture nearby!

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Sugarloaf Provincial Park


Explore New Brunswick’s Appalachian Mountain region by taking an epic hike through Sugarloaf Provincial Park this summer, and catch incredible views of Chaley Bay and the Restigouche River.

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De La Republique Provincial Park


If you’re looking to get into the wild but not sure you’re ready for a full camping commitment, book one of the bougie glamping sites located throughout De La Republique Provincial Park, 100 of which even have full electricity. Enjoy nearby amenities like cycling trails, hiking routes, tennis courts and even a heated swimming pool.

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Herring Cove Provincial Park


Why travel to the Caribbean when there’s a beautiful island retreat right outside your door? Explore Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello Island, and hike their unique trails while traversing log bridges and enjoying the view from massive cliffs.

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The Anchorage Provincial Park

Grand Manan

Another island paradise you have to visit is Grand Manan, home to the gorgeous beaches and hiking trails that make up The Anchorage Provincial Park. Walk along the Red Point Trail boardwalk or embark on a nearby whale watching journey from the shores of this biologically diverse landscape.

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Murray Beach Provincial Park


One of the most beautiful beaches in New Brunswick, enjoy the warm sandy waters and epic kayaking adventures to be had off the shores of this southeastern park.

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New River Beach Provincial Park


For some legendary views of the Bay of Fundy tides, hang out on the beach and amongst the natural pools that form throughout New River Provincial Park. Hike the cliffs of Barnaby Head for some incredible views of the surrounding area, and participate in the annual Sand Sculpture Competition!

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Hopewell Rocks Park

Hopewell Cape

If you’re visiting New Brunswick for the first time, or have lived here all your life, you must pay a visit to the Hopewell Rocks at least once! Witness the highest tides in the world by kayaking or beachcombing throughout this famous region.

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Lepreau Falls Provincial Park


Next time you’re looking for an incredible hike out to some gorgeous falls, be sure to hit the trail in Lepreau Falls Provincial Park, and bring your camera for a shot of this incredible waterfall system!