Life Lesson: Never trust a person that doesn't like wine and cheese... Trust me, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. 

There is definitely no shortage of good restaurants to wine and dine at in Halifax. But like any true lover of cheese and charcuterie, you know that pairing is everything. This list will help take the hassle out of finding a nice restaurant with good boards, so that you can un-wine and enjoy all the cheese your heart desires. 

Could you imagine if the Target in Bayer's Lake was still here and Haligonians were able to buy $5 wine? That would really be the most amazing time to be alive. 

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Lot Six Bar and Restaurant // 1685 Argyle St

Most of us go to Lot Six for the amazing cocktails, but there's so much more to explore on their menu... And I'm not talking about the oysters either. A perk about going to Lot Six for everything cheese and alcohol related is that you can upgrade to a charcuterie board for the same price! The only thing that you'll have to compromise on is the limited wine selection.

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The Stubborn Goat Gastropub // 1579 Grafton St

If you 'live laugh love' for red wine then you'll definitely adore the list at the Stubborn Goat. Although the charcuterie and cheese boards are considered a "small menu" item, it's definitely enough for one person... But let's be honest, the more wine you drink the less you'll care about the plate size.

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Lion and Bright | Cafe Wine Bar // 2534 Agricola St

This do-it-all cafe is more than just a to study spot, or a place to dance on the weekends, it's also a great location to try all different types of Nova Scotian cheese. Lion and Bright says it better than I ever could "[their] wine list has been mindfully chosen to pair with any and all of [their] exceptional dishes"... Need I say more?

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Obladee Wine Bar // 1600 Barrington Street

The name says it all. Obladee has the largest selection of wine that you could ever ask for. Their staff is also super knowledgable, and able to suggest a new wine that will definitely make it to your list of favourites. Did I mention that they also have Wine + Cheese + Jazz nights? How snazzy!

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Field Guide Restaurant and Bar // 2076 Gottingen St

Field Guide is a North End gem for wine and cheese. They also have a great selection of sparkling wine, if you're looking to #treatyoself.

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Little Oak Bar // 1475 Lower Water St

Their motto is literally: Wine + Spirits + Food. For anyone that has not had the chance to visit this restaurant yet, you have try one of the wines under the pink/orange list... Yup I said ORANGE wine. Also, stop by on a Wednesday and get $20 off any wine $50 or over.

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The Barrington Steakhouse and Oyster Bar // 1662 Barrington St

Ok, so it might be a little random to go to a restaurant known for it's steak and oysters to drink wine and eat cheese, but whatever! Live your life.

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2 Doors Down // 1533 Barrington St

2 Doors Down knows how much Halifax loves Local and that's why their boards are strictly Nova Scotian.

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Eliot and Vine // 2305 Clifton St

$20 for a bottle of Prosecco at a restaurant! That's unheard of in Halifax! If you're balling on a budget then this is the restaurant for you, especially during their Happy Hour. The cheese and charcuterie at Eliot and Vine is for 2, but if you work really hard, I'm sure you won't need a second person.

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Agricola Street Brasserie // 2540 Agricola St

Calling all Happy Hour addicts! Agricola Street Brasserie has cheap drinks and even cheaper cheese and charcuterie.

The Bier Markt // Downtown Halifax 

This is one of Halifax's highly anticipated restaurants... And if you're a cheese lover it will be THE most anticipated restaurant for you. Unlike most restaurants that have a pre established list of cheese/charcuterie combinations, The Bier Markt lets you select from a list almost as extensive as their selection of "bier."