11 Things That Annoy The F*ck Out Of You After Moving to Halifax

Is it ever really not winter?
11 Things That Annoy The F*ck Out Of You After Moving to Halifax

Anyone who has had the chance to visit Halifax will undeniably tell you how much they love this little city. From the people, to the food, to the sightseeing, there is just so much packed into Halifax.

The East Coast lifestyle is truly one of a kind. Nothing beats being young, wild, and free in Hali, but of course there are a few super annoying things about this city that anyone who has lived here for a least a few months can totally agree on.

1. Summer in Halifax is beautiful, but it's winter for what feels like 11 months of the year.

Just like everyone else in this city you've probably referred to Halifax as Halifornia at least once or twice since moving here. As ironic as the name is, once you've spent at least a full year in Halifax you can't help but be annoyed by the fact that as great as summer is, it literally never gets warmer than like 15 degrees and if it does, it will probably rain for the next 7 days straight. Every true Haligonian has managed to wear shorts, rain boots, and a parka all in one day.

2. Where's the Bus?

If you're moving to Halifax from a bigger city, or any city for that matter, be prepared to hate the transit system more than you hate 8:30 am lectures. Remember all of those times you missed your stop because the bus never used to announce what street it was stopping at next? Or when you called the transit line to see when the bus was coming and it said 10 minutes, but somehow 4 buses manage to pass you before you even have the chance to the call. But one thing that will never cease to annoy you is when the bus driver tells you that you can't get on the bus with the Starbucks coffee you just bought, forcing you to make some really critical choices.

3. Somehow every club in Halifax is also a Bar and Grill

When you try to explain to your friends that don't live in Halifax that you have perfect Thursday attendance at a bar and grill and they can't seem to comprehend how that's even remotely fun. But seriously, has anyone every gone into Cheers during the day time to grab a bite?

4. Being 3 Pieced

Anyone who lives in Halifax knows how annoying it is to have to carry at least 3 pieces of ID to go to the bar. Or the fact that you pretty much can't eat at a restaurant after 9pm if you're under 19. But there is absolutely nothing more ridiculous than giving the bouncer your passport and having them ask for another piece of ID. Like really?

5. Weekend Buses

The limit does not exist when it comes to complaints about the transit system in Halifax! Why is it that on weekends all of the stretch buses go out of service?

6. The price of alcohol

Remember that time you decided to treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine, only to find out that you might have to sell an organ to afford such a luxury. After moving to Halifax, you'll definitely be annoyed by the fact that you can buy a drink at the bar for as low as $2, but a "cheap" bottle of wine from the NSLC is around $15.

7. The Hills

Lauren Conrad has nothing on these Hills in Hali! The view from the top of Citadel Hill is really a sight, but getting there is a whole other story. One of the most annoying things about Halifax is that it's literally always an uphill battle *cue Miley Cyrus*

8. I'll just order an Uber... SIKE

Why does this city not have Uber? Sure taxis are pretty cheap in Halifax, but think of how much cheaper Uber would be. Once you've moved to Halifax you will definitely begin to hate the taxi service unless you get into the magical karaoke cab. To top it off, somehow the debit machines in Halifax taxis never seem to be 'working' or are always off.

9. The fact that the Halifax Public Library is more like a community centre than a quiet space

If you've ever thought about studying there, think again. As great as it is that the Library has become a hangout for members of the community, there is nothing more annoying that trying to study while a crew of 12 year olds play the steel drums in a room down the hallway from you.

10. The Halifax Stansfield International Airport

It's not even the fact that the airport is about an hour away that makes it annoying. It's more so that getting a cheap ride there require more coordination than it really should. "Anyone heading to the Airport at 6am wanna split Driver Dave's?" - Every University student from Halifax.

11. The Grocery Store on a Tuesday

It's actually madness. When you forget that it's Tuesday and go to the Superstore to grab one item, but get caught in a crowded grocery store full of students. Honestly, sometimes the 10% discount isn't even worth it, especially when half of the things you end up buying are 50% off because they're going to expire by tomorrow.

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