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12 Best Thrift/Consignment Shops You Need To Check Out In Halifax

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In a city with so much great shopping, finding the perfect item at the right price can be overwhelming. Halifax is teeming with shops and boutiques for every price range, but the most expensive item is not always the best one. Enter thrift shops. Halifax has one of the best selection of unique thrift and consignment shops in all of Canada, and we’re here to help you take advantage of that.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect skirt to go with your new knit sweater, a unique decorative item for your living room or just looking to browse through some wacky treasures, we’ve rounded up the best spots to hit.

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1. Plan B // 2180 Gottingen Street

Plan B is once of the most unique shops in the whole city. Its mish-mash of used clothes, books, jewelry, records and, perhaps freakiest of all, taxidermy, makes it one of the most interesting places to just come in and browse. Plus, they often host concerts and art shows in the back room.

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2. Big Pony // 2168 Gottingen Street

Just down the block from Plan B is Big Pony, a thrift store that would never strike you as a thrift store. This is because they do actually sell some of their own locally made merchandise in the clean, spacious shop, and their pre-loved clothes are so well maintained that you’d never guess they’ve lived a lifetime before you.

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3. Value Village // 375 Pleasant Street

Value Village is a classic option for thrift shopping, and this Dartmouth location is no exception. The huge selection means there is no way you’re walking away empty handed.

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4. Salvation Army Thrift Store // 3667 Strawberry Hill

Similar to Value Village, the Salvation Army is another popular choice, and they’re great about accepting and trading in your used items for their own.

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5. Put me on! Consignment // 1526 Queen Street

Located on Vintage Row, Put me on! is a little consignment shop that sells women’s and as well as men’s clothes, so there’s something for everyone.

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6. MakeNew Curated Thrift Shop // 2468 Agricola Street

The key word here is “curated”. MakeNew looks like some upscale boutique by the way it’s organized, and you can tell the owners put a lot of care into giving the best presentation of these beautiful, pre-worn clothes. The selection is not as big as some other thrift stores around, but the quality of the clothes makes up for that.

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7. Hand in Hand // 440 Herring Cove Road

Hand in Hand caters more specifically to women and children, selling clothing, accessories, trinkets and kitchenware in the best possible condition.

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8. Lost and Found Art Vintage Kitsch // 2383 Agricola Street

At Lost and Found, you will find pre-owned pieces from the early 70’s to more modern pieces, all of them well maintained and exceptionally unique. This shop is perfect if you’re less of an eccentric thrifter, but still want to find a unique piece that will stand out.

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9. Elsie’s Used Clothing // 1530 Queen Street

Elsie’s is a cozy spot also located on Vintage Row, and it’s one of those places where if the abundance of clothes, shoes and accessories don’t keep you coming back, the adorable décor and lighting absolutely will.

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10. Meteghan Frenchy’s // 3466 Dutch Village Road

Don’t be fooled by how small this Frenchy’s looks from the outside; their selection is definitely one to compete with. This boutique boasts thrifted items for men, women and children of every size.

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11. Second Storey // 1526 Queen Street

Second Storey’s motto is found/made/local, giving you a bit of an idea what they specialize in. While they have a beautiful selection of pre-owned women’s and men’s clothes, it’s their incredible jewelry displays that do it for me. And the staff are so friendly and welcoming!

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12. Section 96 // 1581 Grafton St.

While Section 96 is a thrift shop as good as any other, it’s their mission that makes them unique. They are part of the Halifax Refugee Clinic, and all proceeds go to the clinic, as well as their unique program that allows refugees and refugee claimants the opportunity to gain Canadian work experience as well as basic business skills. Talk about a great initiative!

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