It can hard to get any real cash flow going as a full-time student if you’ve got a full course load, labs, volunteer work and a social life. Keeping your bank account out of the negatives is a task in itself when Halifax offers so much temptation in the form of delicious burritos and an awesome night life scene.

For those who understand the struggle and are willing to put themselves to work for that cash flow, here are some ideas of ways to make a bit of quick, easy money while balancing your other commitments.  I just wouldn’t recommend spending all of the money you make in one place...unless it’s the grocery store because grocery day is the best.

1. Babysitting

Such a classic way to make a good chunk of cash and get to eat people’s food while doing it. Babysitting can also be pretty rewarding if you don’t end up with a devil child. So start asking around or post an ad on Kijiji and you might just find a sweet gig.

2. Sell your textbooks

We all have a few of our textbooks from years ago that are just laying around collecting dust. You may just be too lazy to sell them or actually want to keep them, but when times get tough selling your textbooks can make you some serious the kind you actually spent on your textbook in the first place.

3. Sell your used technology

Just like textbooks, we all have an old phone or some type of technology lying around that we never use. Even if the screens are broken you can still make a few bucks off of them! Sell your old Nokia on Kijiji or just post something to your friends on social media, there’s a ton of ways to sell used technology.

4. Open your own Etsy shop

If you have a creative side along with a broke side...this is for you. You can pretty much sell anything on Etsy if people will buy it. The trick is you need to be good at selling your products.

5. Advertise your skills on Kijiji

Whether you’re a writing major with some serious editing skills or a Human Resources major who can turn a resume upside down, we do go to university for a reason (to learn skills) and if you put those skills to use on Kijiji, you could have some potential buyers and build a customer base for odd jobs.

6. Participate in a research study

With all of the universities around there’s no shortage of research being done. Usually students need other students to help them out and participate in studies, life hack: get them to pay you. Most are paid, or subsidized with food but participating in a research study can get you some quick cash.

7. Take online surveys

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you can find sites online that literally will pay you for your opinion. Something we’ve always wanted, especially university students. Some surveys pay you in coupons or deals, others with money.

8. Do brand promotion

Being a brand ambassador can be fun and make you a good wad of cash. Whether it’s dressing up and being present at an event, or sampling a product, for this gig you have to be outgoing and willing to work super long hours - but it's worth it for that pay cheque!

9. Rent out your parking spot

We’ve all struggled for parking, bought the years parking pass and then wondered why we spent so much money. A good way of making it back is renting your pass out when you don’t need it. This way you can help someone avoid the struggle and make some moula.

10. Work for a catering business

Halifax is full of small businesses that do a lot of call outs to staff random events. Catering gigs are usually short in duration but pay well and can be pretty fun. Also if you’re a foodie or just looking to get experience in the food and beverage industry it’s a great addition to your resume.

11. Shovel some driveways

There’s no shortage of driveways to be shovelled in Hali. Post an ad on Kijiji or just walk around your neighbourhood knocking on doors, you set the price, grab a friend and’ll have enough cash to get downtown for a least a night or two.

12. Try being a dog walker

Approach your working adult neighbours who own canines and offer to take their pet out for a walk here or there - it will be greatly appreciated, you'll get to hang out with an adorable puppy, and the pay can be pretty good!

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