12 Fun AF Activities To Do With Your Friends In Halifax That Don't Include Drinking

Believe it or not, there are actually a ton of super fun things to do in and around Halifax that don't include drinking. If you and you're friends are looking for some fun activities to do in the HRM, then I've got you covered. There are a number of new activities you can try. This includes exhilarating things like zip lining in the forest to more chill activities like playing board games and drinking coffee.

As fun as going out can be, every once in a while changing things up can be just the thing you need. Plus a lot of these activities are super cheap and easy to get to... But if you and the squad happen to have a free weekend, it's definitely worth it to venture a little out of the city for some new experiences. 

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1. Trapped Halifax // 1313 Barrington Street 

Here's your chance to live like an action star. You're guaranteed to have fun at Trapped! Test your groups knowledge in one of the many themed escaped rooms at Trapped. The good thing is, these missions aren't impossible so you should be able to escape, and even if you don't, you can alway try again!

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2. Halifax Putting Edge // 182 Chain Lake Drive

Glow in the dark mini golf anyone? Halifax Putting Edge is the perfect place to practice your swing... Not actually, it's more about accuracy here. Even if you're not into golfing at all, mini golf is a whole new experience that you just have to try!

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3. Kartbahn Racing Inc and KB Tactical // 66 Otter Lake Cr

It's the real life version of Mario Cart! Let your competitive side out at Kartbahn Racing Inc. Don't let the bulky helmets steer you away from go karting! You can literally never go wrong with a few laps around the track. This place is the one stop adrenaline shop! Not only can you go Go Karting here, but you can also go Laser Tagging at KB Tactical!

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4. Seven Bays Bouldering // 2019 Gottingen St

If you and your friends want to mix in a fun workout, hit up Seven Bays and test your Bouldering skills. If your fear of heights has kept you from rock climbing, then bouldering might just be the perfect activity for you. Seven Bays also has a little cafe with a ton of options for fresh food and drinks.

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5. Get Air // 612 Windmill Road

Let the child in you loose and bounce around on some trampolines! Get Air is the lowkey workout you've been dreaming of. Not only is it super fun, but it's actually a decent leg workout! You can do a number of different activities at Get Air like slack lining, trampoline dodge ball, and so much more.

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6. Ontree Park // 370 Martock Road

Conquer your fear of heights on any of the numerous treetop courses! If that isn't enough for you and your adventurous group then dabble in high rope walking or zip-lining. You'll definitely get your adrenaline fix after a day spent at Ontree Park.

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7. Pong Social Club // 1741 Grafton St

Now you can go to Cheers and instead of hitting up the Dirty Dome, you can play Ping Pong at Pong Social Club. They also have some of the most random but delicious food items on their menu like Mac & Cheetos and Pulled Pork Cinnamon Rolls. So if you're not going to go for the Ping Pong, at least go for the food!

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8. Timber Lounge // 2712 Agricola St

If life has you stressed, and you need to blow off some steam, the Timber Lounge is the perfect place to do that. Believe it or not, but the whole entire purpose of the Timber Lounge is to throw axes at things! The most important thing to remember before going to the Timber Lounge is to embrace your inner lumberjack, and wear as much plaid as you want.

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9. Bowlarama // 3459 Desmond

You can never go wrong with a round of bowling! Luckily for the newbies, Bowlarama gives you the option to bowl with the gutters up, which is a HUGE game changer. You can also stop by on Cosmic Bowling nights. Everything is glow in the dark so it takes the light off of your poor bowling skills.

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10. Ground Zero Climbing Gym // 7 Mellor Ave

If you're more into rock climbing than bouldering, you can still get your fix at Ground Zero... And if you didn't even know that there was a difference between the two, then here's your chance to experience 2 new things. Ground Zero is the biggest climbing gym in Atlantic Canada, so you can be an absolute beginner or a pro and still feel at home there.

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11. The Board Room Cafe // 1256 Barrington St

It's all fun and games until you get hit with pick up 4 cards in UNO. The Board Room Cafe has a huge selection of board games that are sure to keep you and your friends entertained for hours. They also host a ton of trivia nights like the Harry Potter one happening this month. And because every activity in Halifax needs to be partnered with specialty beverages, the Board Room also has great cafe offerings.

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12. Clay Cafe //6413 Quinpool Rd

Embrace your inner artist! If you're looking for more of a relaxing activity to do with your friends, the Clay Cafe is the perfect place to go. You can choose from a number of different objects to paint, and it's yours to keep afterwards.

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