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12 Spots Haligonian Locals Don't Want You To Know About

Living in a city that frequents tourists and has lots of students, it's hard to find places that aren't filled with the aforementioned bunch. It's definitely hard when you pop into one of your favorite places and you can't get a seat. 

Below is a list of places that you should definitely add to your list of places to you to relax without the stress of finding a place to sit without hearing about classes or dealing with tourists. 

Lucky Penny Coffee Co // 6440 Quinpool Road

Great coffee, amazing atmosphere and delicious food. Lucky Penny is definitely a place to go and relax with a book or to chat with a friend. 

Good Robot Brewing Co // 2736 Robie Street

An awesome North End find Good Robot is a fantastic place to spend a night drinking with friends. They also have outdoor movies on their patio. Find out more on their Facebook page.  

EDNA // 2053 Gottingen Street

With delicious food and an adorable atmosphere, EDNA is a great place for not only brunch but any meal of the day. 

El Chino Snack Bar // 2398 Robie Street

El Chino is tucked away next to Robie Street Station, making it a fun and kind of secretive place to enjoy a night of tequila and tacos. 

Willy's // 5239 Blowers Street

Although there are lots of options for drunk food, Willy's is possibly the best poutine you will ever have, especially at 2 am. The line is totally worth it, and you won't be crammed into a tiny space while you wait. 

Julien’s Patisserie Bakery & Café // 5517 Young Street

Located in the adorable, historic Hydrostone District, Julien's is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, eating delicious pastries and enjoying a warm beverage. 

Portland Street Creperie // 55 Portland Street

Although this technically isn't in Halifax, Portland Street Creperie in Dartmouth is a fantastic place to grab brunch or even just a snack. 

Little Oak // Bishops Landing

An awesome little place to get a drink near the waterfront. Little Oak has a cozy atmosphere and is a great place to get away from that crazy downtown scene. 

Local Source Market // 2530 Agricola Street

The perfect place to get some fresh produce and local goods in the North End of the city. Local Source gives you a small market shopping experience and is a wonderful place to shop for your groceries. 

The Wired Monk // 5147 Morris Street

Nestled on a corner downtown, The Wired Monk is a great place to grab a latte and escape from the world for a while. 

East of Grafton Tavern //  1580 Argyle Street

Such a great place to grab a drink when you need a quieter night. With a menu with a variety of options, East of Grafton is a wonderful place to spend an evening. 

2 Crows Brewing // 1932 Brunswick Street

Having just opened their doors in February and with their new patio opening up for the season, 2 Crows Brewing is an awesome new place to grab a beer. Be sure to check them out!

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