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12 Super Annoying Things People Say To Halifax Students

Because hearing "How's school going?" isn't enough...
12 Super Annoying Things People Say To Halifax Students

Whether you’re a Froshie moving out of residence or just finishing up your masters, you know you’ve heard the same irritating things from family, friends, and roommates about studying in Halifax. Whether it’s something about the weather, a night of drinking or even what you’re studying, there’s always something you constantly get asked or told as a student living in Halifax.

Below is a list of actual quotes that have been said to me while studying in Halifax, and I don't doubt you've heard many of them before as well!

1. “How was the Dome last night?”

A classic Saturday morning (or afternoon) line. This is assuming your hangover wasn’t from playing Edward 40 Hands while binging Stranger Things in your Res room. Head to Mary’s Place II for some good ole’ hangover food to ease your pain.

2. “Heard you got lots of snow out there!”

Anytime you talk to someone outside of the Maritimes between November and April, you cannot escape this statement. It’s almost as if people somehow think you forgot about the snow banks that have trapped you at home.

3. “What is that statue supposed to be..?”

They tend to leave the explanation for this piece of art out during campus tours. Any DAL student or anyone who has visited Dalhousie’s main campus knows which salacious statue I’m talking about.

4. “You should’ve worn your rain boots!”

Don’t let the sun fool you on your morning commute. At any moment, Halifax could be hit with rain, hail, snow, you name it. Not worth ruining a brand-new pair of kicks. Just ask Siri before you leave the house.

5. “Saint Mary’s? Don’t you mean Robie St High?”

A brutal, but still hilarious nickname for one of Halifax’s older universities.

6. “So, does everyone just fish in their spare time? Isn’t Halifax a fishing town?”

The Halifax Harbor is for Ferries and Harbor Hoppers. Not for fishing.

7. “What do you mean Halifax doesn’t have UBER?”

Sorry, Torontonians. Luckily, we’ve got tons of transportation options. Give Tiger Patrol a call, utilize that bus pass or check out bike rentals from I Heart Bikes!

8. “What are you going to do with your Theatre Degree? Be on Trailer Park Boys?”

There’s more to acting than just TPB! Halifax has got a great (and growing) theatre scene. Check out Shakespeare By the Sea and The Fringe Festival when summer comes around.

9. "How's the caf food taste this year?"

The somewhat funny reminder that you’re consuming very questionable meatloaf while your family enjoys a lovely home cooked meal. It’s probably safer to just order some pizza or take a trip to Willy’s.

10. “ don’t like donair sauce?”

Pair it up with some garlic fingers as a midnight snack, and you’ve got a new drunk staple.

11. “Everyone knows the lyrics to Barrett’s Privateers”

Don’t worry. You’ll learn half the song by the end of your degree.

12. "Can I see your ID?"

And they don’t believe you half the time anyway. Don’t forget a second piece or your Friday won’t be so exciting.

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