Going out can be such a hassle sometimes especially when you live in a city like Halifax. For many of us the weather is the be all and end all of our decision to have a night out on the town... And since it's getting colder, there are some serious questions that every girl has and will ask herself before, during and after a night out in Hali. 

Raise your hand if you've been personally victimized by the weather in Halifax. Now that fall is here, the days of going to the club and walking home are gone. For us Halifax girls, that totally changes the dynamics of going out. 

1. Do I really want to go out?

This is the classic struggle every girl faces as the weather edges closer and closer to winter in Halifax.

2. Do I wear a jacket or just suck it up in the cold?

Unless you've got Bar Staff access, you should definitely bring a jacket. The wait time in line at a Halifax bar or club is more unpredictable than an airport security line. I've once waited in line for 2 hours in the snow to get into Splitties #shameless.

3. Triple A or McDonalds?

When you're downtown living your best life, then remember that Triple A closes soon or that chicken nuggets are calling your name...

4. I have no clothes!

This is an everyday struggle that's amplified on nights out. There's nothing worst than being at Lower Deck in a long sleeve because you were trying to get the best of both worlds by wearing something cute but also kind of warm so that you wouldn't have to bring a jacket.

5. Walk or cab home?

Have you ever tried to explain to your friend that doesn't live in Halifax that you can go out with literally $20? Now usually that $20 includes your taxi ride home but sometimes you get carried away and just need to forget about that exam you failed, so you can really only afford to walk.

6. Coat Check?

So we've established that we're bringing a jacket, because god only knows what the weather and wait time combination will be... But do you really want to pay for coat check? The answer is usually no, so you'll most likely risk it and toss your jacket into the rafters.

7. Do we have to go to the same bar?

The thing about going out in Halifax is that everyone goes to the same place on the same days, which can be good and bad. If you're trying to avoid someone *cough* last weeks dance floor hookup *cough* you're better off just staying at home, because that person is definitely going to be there.

8. Is it shameless to get my bracelet then leave immediately for another club?

So it's Saturday night and you're not about to pay cover at two places so here's the game plan. On your way to Pacifico, you swing by Toothy's get you're free bracelet #ladiesnight then go to Pacifico. Yeah, so the bouncer might look at you weirdly when you go into the club then come back out in recording timing but, it's chill.

9. I'm definitely staying in next week.

LIES! It's literally impossible to avoid the draw of going out.

10. Day drinks?

At first thought this always seems like the greatest idea, then at around 5 p.m you realize it really wasn't... In your mind you're confident that you'll be able to rally for the night, but once you take that mid day nap, its really all over.

11. Should I sneak into the guys bathroom?

Why is the line to use the ladies washroom always a million times longer than the guys? Ladies, we all know that if there is one thing that will definitely get you kicked out of any club or bar in Halifax, it's trying to use the mens washroom... But desperate times call for desperate measures.

12. Is it Student Night?

It's always a struggle going to Lower Deck on a Sunday and not knowing whether or not you're going to pay cover... This can totally throw off your $20 budget.