With finals just around the corner, Dal students have begun their Killam hibernation, surrounded by mountains of Subway sandwich wrappers and Tim’s coffee cups.  For those bored of the standard student diet, try something different at one of the thirteen establishments listed below.

We put together a list of places near campus where you can grab a cheap meal and some fresh air on your next study break, because working on an empty stomach is the worst!


1. Loaded Ladle // 6136 University Avenue

The Loaded Ladle is a non-profit cooperative of students and community members who seek to provide “affordable, diverse, fresh, and nutritious food” to as many people as possible. They serve free, locally produced meals at the Dalhousie Student Union Building on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 1pm to those who bring their own cutlery and container!


2. Triple A Convenience // 6279 Jubilee Road

A late night food fixture for all students, Triple A serves up some incredible pizza, burgers and poutine out of their convenience store mere steps from campus. Open until 2am most nights, Triple A also does delivery for the exceptionally lazy hungover student who needs that fresh slice of za asap.


3. The Galley // 6350 Coburg Road

On King’s campus located in the newly renovated Wardroom bar, the student operated King’s Galley is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4pm. Drop by for some super affordable coffee and a three dollar grilled cheese, plus baked goods, samosas, pakoras and lots more.


4. Coburg Coffee // 6085 Coburg Road

If you’re looking for a great place to study near campus that isn’t the library, or just trying to grab some food before class, check out the awesome food at Coburg Coffee. They always have delicious homemade soup of the day, sandwich and drink specials available.


5. Fruition // 6389 Coburg Road

This raw/vegan/paleo restaurant at the corner of Coburg and Oxford also has detox juice kits and raw food cleanses, for those looking to try something new! This is a great spot for vegan students looking to grab a quick snack – their garden burger is only $6.99!


6. Mary’s Place Cafe II // 5982 Spring Garden Road

Beloved middle eastern brunch spot Mary’s II is a super affordable spot right near campus to grab breakfast at any time of day. They often offer visitors unique daily specials, while maintaining a pretty affordable menu overall considering how large their servings are – try the $7 breakfast special next time you visit!


7. Jean’s Chinese Restaurant // 5972 Spring Garden Road

Next time you’re gripped by a Chinese food craving while on campus, head over to Jean’s at Spring Garden and Robie. In addition to their Szechuan and Cantonese menus, Jean’s also serves Thai and Japanese dishes – try the Vegetable Fried Rice for only $7.49!


8. Truly Tasty // 6214 Quinpool Road

Upgrade your dorm room ramen dinner and try the comfort food at Truly Tasty - their wide selection of delicious ramen dishes include vegetarian and meat options, with dumplings available on the side.


9. Wasabi House // 6403 Quinpool Road

Treat yourself to a sushi dinner at Wasabi House, on the corner of Quinpool and Oxford. Not only are the rolls at Wasabi House super affordable, but if you dine with a group they often throw in a couple complimentary dishes! Try the Tempura Shrimp Rolls if you’re into shellfish for only $5.50.


10. Pete’s ToGoGo // 1801 Hollis St

Located right on Dal campus in the Student Union Building, Pete’s ToGoGo is an offshoot of Pete’s Fine Foods that offers students a healthy alternative to on campus dining. Enjoy their wide selection of fresh deli wraps and sandwiches all starting at $6.00.


11. Xtreme Pizza // 5970 Spring Garden Road

Always open late, Xtreme Pizza is a very reliable source of deep fried comfort food and study fuel. They have all the standard munchies – pizza, poutine, donair, garlic fingers, etc. – available on their menu for some pretty agreeable prices. They also offer delivery!


12. The Ardmore // 6499 Quinpool Road

This classic old-school diner is the perfect place to grab some grub and a coffee next time you’re up early to write a paper or study for an exam – The Ardmore is open from 5am-8pm every day, and features an awesome menu of super affordable breakfast foods, burgers and sandwiches. Try their Wild Western with two eggs for only $3.99!


13. The Grawood // 6136 University Avenue

Dalhousie’s favorite student bar just reopened after undergoing some unreal renovations, and it looks amazing! The kitchen is up and running, so students can chill here and grab a bite on campus in what is now a super modern looking restaurant space. Until four every day you can try the Late Riser breakfast for only $7!

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