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13 Fun Things You Can Do In Halifax This Weekend That Don’t Involve Drinking

Sometimes, you just don't want to drink...or you had too much to drink the night before and can't even breathe around hand sanitizer.  If your Thursday night was bigger than usual and you're not able to think about alcohol at all this weekend, save a bit of money and try some of the sweet activities we've listed below.

Here are a few ways you can still have a sweet Friday night without getting inebriated!

1. Visit Putting Edge

Putting edge will never get old - you get to pick your favourite coloured neon ball and glow the whole time. Putting Edge has also been newly renovated, so grab your white T-shirts and a crew for some good, clean fun.

2. Take a Cooking Class at enVie a Vegan Kitchen

Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste amazing. This north end kitchen offers cooking courses that even include a take-home recipe book, which will equip you with the skills necessary to rock your next potluck.

3. See a Moosehead's Game

Check out Halifax’s favourite team and their hilarious halftime shows this weekend with your buds! Get a picture with Hal the team mascot or buy a 50/50 ticket. Don’t forget all of the new food options at the Scotiabank Centre including King of Donair.

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4. Rollerblading at the Emera Oval

Skating season has ended at the oval but soon visitors will be able to strap on some rollerblades and whip around the loop for a high speed summer workout!

5. Captured Escape Room

Kind of sounds like you’ll just be in a room trying to escape your date but don’t worry it’s a lot cooler than that. The Escape Room has 8 different rooms to challenge you and if you actually wanted to escape your date, I guess you’ll just have to think fast.

6. The Board Room Game Cafe

Relax, grab a soda, a bowl of treats and play some cards. There is Monopoly and almost any other game you’d want to play because the Board Room Game Cafe has it all in terms of gaming. You and your homies certainly will not get bored because you will never run out of options, from Harry Potter board games to Arrested Development Trivia nights it's only five dollars to "stay and play".

via @getairsports

7. Get Air Trampoline Park

Do the opposite of drinking and try something good for your body by going to Get Air. This indoor trampoline park will give you a great workout and a chance to practice your backflips. I also highly recommend playing dodgeball because it turn’s out it’s a way better game on trampolines.

8. Explore The Halifax Citadel

Go for a tour of the historical Citadel located in the middle of downtown Halifax. You’ll learn about the history of Halifax and get a glimpse of what it was like for the soldiers to live in the historic, star-shaped fort.

9. Check out The Seaport Farmers' Market

Take a stroll through Halifax’s Pier 21 and enjoy the many vendors and farmers showcasing the best of Halifax’s locally sourced food and products. You can grab a table and enjoy the amazing view of the Harbour and Georges Island.

10. Walk Through Point Pleasant Park

Point Pleasant Park has trails through the woods or along the water perfect for a walk during the day and there is no shortage of pups to pet on this walk.

11. Clay Cafe

Paint anything from a penguin sculpture to a regular coffee mug at Clay Cafe. This spot is not only fun without drinking but may inspire some hidden creativity.

12. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Take a painting class or visit one of the exhibitions at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia located in Downtown Halifax. You can also grab a coffee and snack at the local cafe Pavia, located in the library and check out the pieces for rent in the Teichert Gallery. There is currently an exhibition featuring Nova Scotia's most prized pieces which would fit in perfectly with also going to the Halifax Citadel for the history lesson.

13. Walk a Dog From The Local SPCA

The occasional volunteer position is called "Dog walker or cat cuddler". SIGN ME UP NOW. You can walk the dogs around the area of the shelter and get to know more about the SPCA and what they do. How awesome would this be?

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