13 Allegedly Haunted Places To Explore In The Maritimes This Summer

Nightmares do come true.
13 Allegedly Haunted Places To Explore In The Maritimes This Summer

If you've ever seen a horror movie, you'll know that anyone can get scared from a ghost story told around a bonfire. But sometimes stories hit a little too close to home and part of you will be itching to learn more. From murders to shipwrecks, these places and their stories will definitely give you goosebumps or send shivers down your spine. 

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Since the Maritimes is such a historic place, you can be that between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, there are several places for you and your friends to go and experience the paranormal

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New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

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Charlotte County Court House


Named the oldest courthouse in Canada, the Charlotte County Court House is allegedly home to ghosts of convicts that had been executed at the nearby county jail. One of their ghosts is described as a man walking around with a rope and appears to be looking for something. Visitors to the courthouse have claimed to have also experienced a cold sensation and feelings of being watched. 

The Algonquin


This gorgeous hotel is supposedly home to multiple ghosts, with many different stories. Some of their many hauntings include a vanishing bellhop, a crying bride abandoned at the altar, children running through the halls and items that unexplainably go missing. If you choose to spend a night at The Algonquin, they offer guests a  "Paranormal Package", consisting of a ghost tour of the hotel, breakfast for two and a surprise from their culinary staff. 

Capitol Theatre


The ghost of Alexander Lindsey, who was killed when the stage collapsing in 1924, can be spotted sitting in one of the seats of the theatre.  He is also suspected to be the cause of an annoying cool breeze in the theatre. The space is also home to the ghost of a little girl who met her fate after falling down a flight of stairs. At night, people have spotted her in the ticket booth. 

Wolastoq Park

Saint John

Originally named the "Provincial Lunatic Asylum", this park used to be home to a psychiatric hospital. Even though the original building may be gone, some of its patients and staff have been unable to leave. People have reported seeing figures walking through the park, mysterious lights, and detached voices talking. Visitors have also described feelings of uneasiness and like they were being watched.

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St. Francis Xavier University


The ghost that haunts one of the residences, Glamora Hall, is one of a nun. The story goes that one of the nuns who worked at the college fell madly in love with one of the priests. Due to religious restrictions, she felt so guilty that she threw herself off a balcony to her death. Now, the ghost of the nun can be seen wandering through the residence and heard flushing toilets.

Fortress of Louisbourg 

Cape Breton

With ghosts dating back to the 1700s, the Fortress of Louisbourg is home to ghosts of the original settlers. Apparitions of people who died from battles at the fort or small pox are seen roaming around the fort. 

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Peggy's Cove

This iconic Nova Scotia landmark is haunted by a ghost named Margaret. Losing her children in a shipwreck, Margaret or Peggy, wandered along the rocks at night. One night, her husband joined her on a walk, deciding to dance for her. He slipped on the rocks, hit his head and died, being swept away by the waves. Peggy has been seen by visitors, where she lost her husband, and where she later took her own life. 

Shirriff Hall-Dalhousie University


The ghost of a young woman named Penelope has been depicted as both a student or staff member who fell in love in with a professor at Dal. When she found out she was pregnant, she approached the professor who refused to help her. In a broken-hearted state, she hung herself in the attic of the residence. Rumour has it that if you see Penelope, you're about to have your heartbroken. 

The Five Fishermen


Although these occurrences happened either before the restaurant opens or closes, an old man in a long black coat, with gray hair wandering the restaurant, arguments being heard in empty rooms and mysterious gray figures in windows, there's no doubt that The Five Fishermen has some ghostly visitors.

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The Confederation Trail 


This section of the Confederation Trail was the site of a train accident while tracks still ran along the trail. People who walk along the trail have reported seeing a ghostly light, speeding towards where the accident would have occurred then suddenly disappears. Visitors have also heard train whistles in the area as well. 

West Point Lighthouse Inn


Rumour has it that the first lighthouse keeper never left his lighthouse. He can be seen wandering the grounds and hallways of the inn. Visitors to the lighthouse have also spotted a pirate-like ship, nearby the lighthouse, engulfed in flames. 

Annie Beaton's Hollow


The tragic story of Annie Beaton's unsolved murder brings people from all over trying to catch a glimpse of her wandering apparition. In 1859, the single mother was murdered with a garden hoe, with no explanation. To this day, no one knows why Annie Beaton was killed or what happened to her child.

Holland Cove

Rocky Point

The story of the ghost that haunts Holland Cove, the wife of an early explorer named Racine fell through some thin ice and drowned. According to local legend, if Racine appears to visitors on the 14th of July of every year, they will inevitably drown.