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13 Super Fun Activities You Must Do With Your Sister In Halifax

She stole your clothes, made fun of your new haircuts and maybe even lit you on fire at some point in your life but she’ll still be there as a shoulder to cry on when you need her. Sisters are a gift and occasionally a curse but having someone by your side to go through life with creates a unique bond unlike any other.

Even if your sis isn't your “person,” the Christina Yang to your Meredith, it’s always nice to catch up and spend some good old family time together so we’ve got just the things to do to make sure she doesn’t try cutting your hair when you’re sleeping again.

1. Have a Spa day

Embrace Spa on the Bedford Highway has the ability to add a glass of wine to any spa service for $ about relaxation. Services you can get include body scrubs, massages and customized facials.

2. Check out the Salt Room

Also known as “Heliotherapy” the Salt Room is a therapeutic experience for your skin and body. Covered in Dead Sea Salt, sit in one of the chairs, relax and become rejuvenated.

3. Fire and Ice Bar at The Bicycle Thief

Every winter the Bike Thief features an “Ice Bar” outside that is just too cute. Keeping you warm with blankets and heaters you can enjoy the real Canadian winter with your sis, just like you used to when your parents made you shovel the driveway...but this time in a good way.

4. Hot Yoga at Moksha

Take a relaxing Hot Yoga Class at Moksha Yoga, a great idea if you wanted to do something that involves physical activity but you don’t want to do something fast paced.

5. Kickboxing at 30 Minute Hit

Take a kick a** boxing class at 30 Minute Hit in Halifax. This gym combines boxing, kickboxing and a circuit that's bound to make you feel empowered and sweat, just try not to hit your sister.

6. Grab a glass at Obladee

Obladee wine bar is a great place to try different types of wine with your sis if she’s just jumping on the wine train, or if she’s having a bad day...or just because it’s wine.

7. Brunch at the Brooklyn Warehouse

This hipster brunch spot is perfect for brunch/lunch for you and your sister. Enjoy locally sourced meals that are too good to be true and impress your sister with your restaurant choice.

8. Martini Monday at The Bitter End

Cheap Martinis + Great Atmosphere = Happy Sister. For only 5.65 on select Martini’s your Monday doesn’t have to be boring, you can have some bonding time putting back martinis like the popular key lime pie martini.

9. Go shopping at Historic Properties

Handmade jewellery, clothes, local foods all located on the waterfront so you and your sis could take a walk and enjoy some light shopping.

10. Catch a play at Neptune Theatre

If you and your sis are looking for a night out, Neptune Theatre is a step up from the classic dinner and a movie sister date. With new shows to see every few weeks, from concerts to plays this night will be one to remember.

11. Check out an Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Not only can you see local pieces made from the talented artists of Halifax but you can take art classes or grab a coffee at their cafe.

12. Go Dog walking at the SPCA

Who doesn't like hanging out with dogs? Instead of just a regular stroll, bring some furry friends. The SPCA is always looking for volunteers to hang out with the dogs and you and your sisters will get some exercise too.

13. Attend an event at the World Tea House

You can get a Tea leaf and Tarot reading by Mystic Entertainment at the World Tea House. Located on Argyle Street this place will educate and inspire you while you sip on ethically sourced tea’s with your sister.

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