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14 Fun Things You Have To Do On Your Next Road Trip To Sydney

There's so much to do all over NS!
14 Fun Things You Have To Do On Your Next Road Trip To Sydney

While Halifax may be Nova Scotia's largest city, there are plenty of amazing towns throughout the Province that you need to visit.  On your next journey to Cape Breton stop by Sydney for a few days, and take in all the art and history this town has to offer.

We created a list of spots you have to visit during your time in Sydney - from museums to heritage parks to massive fiddles (?!) this town has got a lot going on, and there's something for everyone to enjoy!


1. Visit the Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

322 Charlotte Street

This one-of-a-kind museum serves to promote local artists and their work by developing a variety of programs and exhibits showcasing and preserving the creation of craft. The Centre for Craft & Design runs workshops for all levels of artists within the community and hosts special events showcasing unique works from all over Canada.


2. Take an Instagram at The Big Fiddle

60 Esplanade

Drop by the beautiful Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion, and enjoy all the Sydney Waterfront has to offer. Keep an eye out for concerts and trade shows which are often hosted at the Pavillion, and take a picture with the biggest fiddle in the world – it’s over 60 feet tall!


3. Test your odds at Casino Nova Scotia Sydney

525 George Street

Grab dinner and play the slots at Casino Nova Scotia’s Sydney location.


4. Pick up some groceries at the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market

340 Keltic Drive

Farmers and artisans from all over Cape Breton gravitate to this popular, not-for-profit co-operative that has been a popular community hub for over thirty years, transitioning from an outdoor seasonal market to a year-round indoor market that attracts over a thousand visitors every week from all over the island.


5. Walk through historical Old Sydney

Take a walking tour through the colonial town of Old Sydney, and visit the Cossit House Museum, the Jost Heritage House and St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church - all historical institutions that have been in the region since the early nineteenth century and are definitely worth visiting!


6. Check out Fort Petrie Military Museum

3479 New Waterford Highway

Just outside Sydney lies this World War II fort – explore underground bunkers and stand guard on 3 story lookout towers while taking in weapons and ammunition preserved since the 1930’s.


7. Explore the Coxheath Trails

Take an adventure through gorgeous Cape Breton along the 6.2 mile Coxheath trail. Open all year around, this mountain trail offers multiple loops for beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers.


8. Catch a show at the Highland Arts Theatre

40 Bentinck Street

St. Andrew’s Church was converted by the Highland Arts Theatre company to become an exceptional space for local theatre actors and visiting performance artists. Check to see whether they are putting on a show next time you plan on visiting Sydney!


9. Grab a coffee at Doktor Luke’s

54 Prince St

There’s a lot to do during a visit to Syndey, and you gotta keep your energy levels up somehow! Drop by cozy local café Doktor Luke’s on Prince Street for an afternoon pick me up.


10. Stroll through Membertou Heritage Park

35 Su'n Awti

This five acre cite just outside of Sydney offers visitors a chance to learn about the customs and traditions of the Mi’kmaq people of the Membertou, who have lived in the area for thousands of years. Tour their cultural center for a chance to learn about the culture and history of this thriving Cape Breton community.


11. Browse the Whitney Pier Historical Society Museum

88 Mt Pleasant Street

People from all over the world gravitated to this community in pursuit of work at the nearby Dominion Coal Company, from the early 1900’s to the 1980’s. Whitney Pier today is recognized by the Canadian government as being one of the most diverse communities in the Maritimes, and is celebrated as such by the Whitney Pier Historical Society Museum. Visit the museum next time you’re in Sydney to learn more about this interesting part of Cape Breton history!


12. Grab a bite at the Governors Pub & Eatery

233 Esplanade Street

Known as one of the best restaurants in Sydney, if not all of Cape Breton, the Governors offers some of the most delicious seafood and local beer that can be found in the region.


13. Get some shopping done at the Mayflower Mall

800 Grand Lake Road

With over 50 shops and an awesome food court, stop by the Mayflower Mall on your next visit to Sydney and pick up some souvenirs for friends back home!


14. Treat yourself at the Cape Breton Fudge Co.

331 Charlotte Street

Reward yourself for an awesome day of exploring Sydney by grabbing some delicious homemade fudge!

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