An awesome social media presence is super helpful for any business trying to grow their customer base in Halifax – and all it takes is a little creativity and the right filter.  A sweet Instagram feed or a hilarious twitter account can be bring thousands of new customers to your door looking to learn more about what your company does.

Here are fourteen Instagram accounts belonging to businesses throughout the HRM that have been consistently producing some really cool material.  You won’t regret following these carefully curated feeds, which document everything from clothes to coffee to dogs to ice cream.

1. Lot Six Bar & Restaurant // @lotsixbar

This upscale Argyle street bar has an amazing team that’s taking full advantage of the restaurant’s unique location and timeless décor on social media by shooting some unreal pictures for this feed. Shots of Lot Six’s bartenders making wild drinks and diners enjoying their amazing dishes under a massive glass roof give followers no choice but to visit.

2. Agricola Street Brasserie // @agricolastreet

This French-inspired North End bistro has a really talented food photographer on their team who’s able to make their mouth watering menu items and insane cocktails look delicious on camera. Check out their account and decide what you’re going to order next time you visit.

3. The Flower Shop // @theflowershophfx

In the middle of winter when you forget what plant life even looks like, brighten up your IG feed by giving The Flower Shop a follow. Their Granville shop has been in operation since 1936 and offers a huge variety of flower bouquets, shrubs, and trees - all of which are featured on this awesome account.

4. RCHMND // @rchmndshop

If you’re looking for a spot to get well made, upscale menswear in the HRM then you should be sure to check out the selection at RCHMND on Hollis Street. These guys carry some really nice threads from brands like Acne Studios, Common Projects Comme Des Garcons and many more – all of which you can sift through on their well curated Instagram page.

5. The Wired Monk // @thewiredmonkhfx

This cozy Halifax coffee shop right near the waterfront shares some unreal latte art and downtown shots on their popular Instagram page. Images of their shop, their delicious baked goods and the neighborhood around their Hollis and Morris location make The Wired Monk’s feed one you have to follow!

6. Dairy Bar Pop Up // @dairybarhfx

Though they’ve shut down for the winter, Mauel Food & Drink's popular Dairy Pop Up Milk bar at South Park Street and Spring Garden Road was a major hit this summer. Reminisce on warm weather and ice cream sundaes by scrolling through the crazy desserts posted to this account.

7. Oddfellows Barbershop // @oddfellows_barbershop

If you’re into a healthy combination of cute dog pictures and fresh fades, this account will be the perfect follow for you. The team at Oddfellows have a great eye when it comes to capturing action shots of their barbers at work in this cool barbershop on Quinpool Road.

8. The Black Market Boutique// @blackmarkethalifax

Being one of the coolest shops to browse through in Halifax, it’s not surprising that The Black Market on Grafton Street has put together a super colorful Instagram feed, stock full of awesome shots showing off all the exotic jewelry and fabrics their store has to offer.

9. Freak Lunchbox // @freak_lunchbox

Because who doesn’t like to stare at perfectly composed pictures of well organized candy all day? Much like The Black Market, Freak Lunchbox on Barrington Street is a multicolored paradise to walk through, and their Instagram account follows suit by providing viewers with glimpse into all the awesome treat products they carry from all over the world.

10. Le French Fix Patisserie // @lefrenchfix

Well made coffee and a variety of delicious looking baked goods make up the aesthetic of this expertly curated Instagram account – if the craving every gets too real be sure to visit their shop in real life at 5233 Prince Street.

11. Makenew Curated Thrift Shop // @makenew

Makenew takes their name very seriously, by bringing all their gently used clothing into a new and desirable light through the expert photography and sleek aesthetic expressed on their popular Instagram account. Be sure to visit their boutique on Agricola Street next time you’re in the North End!

12. Jay Wells Salon // @jaywellshfx

This Brunswick Street salon owner does an incredible job of taking really well composed pictures of his business, his customers, and the products he uses on a daily basis to create what seems to be one of the most underrated Instagram accounts in the city. Be sure to follow Jay Wells Salon for all your winter beauty inspiration needs!

13. Oodles Of Poodles // @oodlesofpoodleshfx

Everyone is guilty of needing to look at some cute animal pictures every waking minute once in a while – and so we bring you the Oodles Of Poodles Instagram account. This dog grooming shop on Agricola Street amusingly documents many of their adorable customers for their entire enthusiastic following base to enjoy.

14. Field Guide Restaurant & Bar // @fieldguidehfx

Follow this North End restaurant and cocktail bar on IG for a sneak peak at all the fresh culinary creations and creative drinks their team is offering. Photographers and chefs work together on this account to light each dish perfectly and arrange them in a way that looks delicious af!

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