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14 Ridiculously Good Milkshakes You Need To Try In Halifax

Please someone open a Pop's in Halifax.
14 Ridiculously Good Milkshakes You Need To Try In Halifax

Pretend like you’re a character from Riverdale this summer and make one of the old school diners or delicious burger spots below your go-to hangout spot.  Split one of the insane milkshake flavours below with friends, or opt for a classic chocolate shake to wash down a burger and fries.  

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Folks all over the city are cooking up some incredible ice creamy treats with wild flavours and vegan ingredients that you have to try!

Primal Kitchen // 1463 Brenton Street

Recommended Shake:  Try their booze-infused beer milkshake and top it off with popcorn, chips, (more) ice cream, marshmallows or even bacon!

Darrell’s // 5576 Fenwick Street

Recommended Shake:  Treat yourself by washing down one of Darrell’s famous peanut butter burgers with a chocolate peanut butter shake!

Krave Burger // 5680 Spring Garden Road

Recommended Shake:  Krave offers both classic and premium milkshake options, but we feel you should go all out next time you visit and order their Creamy Cookie Crumble shake.  Mix in some Nutella for an extra dollar!

Dee Dee’s // 5668 Cornwallis Street

Recommended Shake:  Choose any flavour from Dee Dee’s extensive list of ice cream options to create your next milkshake at this North End dessert spot – we recommend trying the Haskap Berry!

The Chickenburger // 1531 Bedford Highway

Recommended Shake:  Get your buzz on with the Coffee & Mocha shake next time you visit The Chickenburger in Bedford.

The Ardmore // 6499 Quinpool Road

Recommended Shake:  Go with the classic vanilla milkshake at this old school Quinpool diner, but make sure you have someone to share with because they are huge!

Freak Lunchbox // 1729 Barrington Street  

Recommended Shake: Create your own insane milkshake by mixing up to 3 of the 17 delicious flavours offered at Freak Lunchbox – we chose to go with Orange Creamsicle, Bubblegum and Blue Raspberry Freak Slush mixed up with some pop rocks on top!

Robie Street Station // 2394 Robie Street

Recommended Shake:  Vegans will be thrilled wash down their next delicious brunch from Robie Street Station with a white chocolate-pistachio milkshake! 

Johnny’s Snack Bar // 6204 Almon Street

Recommended Shake:  This classic diner serves up some incredible chocolate milkshakes that you need to grab with your next order of a burger and fries. 

Westcliffe Diner // 3089 Oxford Street

Recommended Shake:  Spring for a $2.50 strawberry milkshake to wash down your next breakfast order from the Westcliffe Diner. 

Humani-T Café // 1451 South Park Street

Recommended Shake:  Try one of the vegan milkshake options at Humani-T Café, and mix in a gelato flavour of your choice with some coconut, almond, or soy milk – we loved the refreshing strawberry basil shake!

Kempster’s Cookhouse & Eatery // 3644 Kempt Road

Recommended Shake:  Topped with whipped cream, you can’t go wrong with a chocolate milkshake from Kempsters after enjoying one of their unreal burgers.

Mary’s Place Café II // 5982 Spring Garden Road

Recommended Shake:  Mary’s is another killer Halifax breakfast spot that offers vegan chocolate milkshakes using dairy substitutes.

True North Diner // 1658 Bedford Highway

Recommended Shake: Pretend like you’re a character on Riverdale with a coffee milkshake from the retro True North Diner in Bedford.

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