14 Super Fun Date Ideas In Halifax For Any Competitive Couple

Loser has to buy drinks!
14 Super Fun Date Ideas In Halifax For Any Competitive Couple

One of the best things about relationships is going on amazing dates together. Whether you're trying out bucket list worthy restaurants, going on a road trip or just hanging out, it's always nice to spend time with the special someone. Something that is always fun, is adding a little healthy competition to mix it up your date nights.

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Halifax has some amazing competitive activities that are perfect for any couple that likes to challenge one another. Remember that there's more to dating than just dinner and a movie! Below are some competitive activities for you and your partner to test out, either together or with other couples. 

Get messy at Hypersportz Paintball.

Try and get a hole-in-one at The Putting Edge.

See who's the better Lumberjack at The Timber Lounge.

Race to the top of Citadel Hill.

Get the highest score at Action Laser Tag.

Play Ping-Pong at the Pong Social Club.

Test your creativity at Clay Cafe.

See who can catch a better wave at Lawrencetown Beach.

Race around the track at Kartbahn Halifax.

Play some billiards at Locas.

Get a strike at Bowlerama.

Try to escape from Captured Escape Rooms.

See who can jump the highest at Get Air.

Buy the Boardwalk Property first at The Boardroom Cafe.