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14 Surreal Waterfalls You Can Visit In New Brunswick

Summer is the perfect time to explore.
14 Surreal Waterfalls You Can Visit In New Brunswick

All over New Brunswick, through National Parks and along shoreline trails, massive waterfalls can be found hidden at the end of hiking routes or right beside popular highways you drive every day!  Take a scan through the waterfalls we listed below, and try to hike all fourteen this summer.

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Always make sure to check weather conditions before heading out to hike these trails.  Be sure to pack lots of water, map your route beforehand and wear proper footwear.  But most importantly bring a camera, and in some cases a bathing suit, as a couple of these falls are totally swimmable!

Moosehorn Falls // Fundy National Park

Directions:  Start at Laverty Falls in Fundy National Park and follow the Moosehorn Trail to find swimmable pools at the base of these falls.

Raggedy Ass Falls // South Oromocto Lake

Directions:  Follow the Raggedy Ass Falls Trail (it’s literally called that) in the Lower St. John River region to find this four-part waterfall system near Wirral.

Coac Falls // Queensbury

Directions:  Along the Coac Falls Trail near Nackawic you’ll find an ATV trail that leads to these beautiful falls – be respectful and don’t leave any garbage behind, as this area is technically private land!

Sheephouse Falls // Northesk

Directions:  Take the simple Little Sheephouse Falls Nature Trail in the Miramichi Region about 1km in before crossing a bridge that will give you an awesome view of the falls.

Howland Falls // Bear Island

Directions:  Follow the Scotch Lake Road in Mactaquac Provincial Park, which will bring you to a stone bridge that has an unreal view of the Howland Falls and leads to the Howland Falls Trail.

Hays Falls // Woodstock

Directions: Take the Mailseet Trail off Route 165 and head into the woods for 1km before branching off to the right and discovering the falls.

Fall Brook Falls // Boiestown

Directions:  Take the Bloomfield Ridge Road (which turns into Holtville Road once you cross the bridge) and pay $10 for park access before continuing along to a sign that will indicate a nearby road that leads to the falls.

Welsford Falls // Welsford

Directions:  Take route 101 towards the Fredericton Junction where you will find a small road after about 1km of driving.  This road will bring you to a small bridge, to the left of which lies the Welsford Falls Trail.

Garden Creek Falls // Fredericton

Directions:  Located just outside Fredericton, you’ll find parking on the side of the Fredericton Bypass that leads to the brief Garden Creek Falls Trail.

Lower Joslin Falls // Nackawic

Directions:  Stop along the Trans Canada Highway towards Fredericton and stop after the bridge over Waterloo Brook.  Go through a deer gate towards the street where you’ll find a series of precarious trails that will bring you to the falls.

Third Vault Falls // Fundy National Park

Directions:  Follow Third Vault Falls Trail in Fundy National Park to see the park’s third largest waterfall, but be careful as this trail can be difficult for inexperienced hikers!

Lepreau Falls // Lepreau Falls Provincial Park

Directions: Follow route 790 heading southwest out of Saint John until you hit Lepreau Falls Road, which will then take you to the falls.

Nail Factory Falls // Kingston Peninsula

Directions: Located on the Kingston Peninsula near Moss Glen, follow the Kennebecasis River to catch a glimpse of this waterfall series.

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