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15 Amazing Places To Get Cheap Brunch In Halifax's North End

The ultimate hangover cure.

With mountains of snow lining every sidewalk, the last thing you want to do when hung over on a Saturday morning is venture through town searching desperately for brunch.  Luckily for those living up in Halifax’s North End, we’ve put together a list of awesome local restaurants and cafes in no particular order that serve some mean breakfast  foods late into the day.

Browse through the places we’ve listed below and be sure to try the meals we’ve recommended next time you grab brunch with the squad.


1. The Nook on Gottingen // 2118 Gottingen Street

Grab coffee and try out the extensive brunch menu at this cozy North End café. Their Bacon Cheddar Bagel with aged cheddar, fresh tomato, a hard-boiled egg, green onions and Roselane Farm double-smoked bacon is a must try for only $7.99. The Nook also serves beer, cocktails and wine for those trying to get lit over brunch.


2. Hali Deli // 2389 Agricola Street

Hali Deli offers Eastern European breakfast foods all day in a classic diner environment – grab the Oy Vey! Not So Hungry…next time you visit, which consists of two eggs and potato hash with challah bread for only $5.99.


3. Edna // 2053 Gottingen Street

Bring your next brunch date to Edna for an upscale breakfast experience. Located right beside The Seahorse, their cool restaurant décor and delicious menu make this one of the best restaurants in Halifax’s North End for any meal. Their brunch is particularly good however – try their unique Ricotta Pancakes with bananas, fresh blueberries, clotted cream and maple syrup for $14.


4. Robie Street Station // 2394 Robie Street

Not only do they make mouthwatering doughnuts and desserts but Robie Street Station also serves up a pretty awesome breakfast menu. Treat yourself to a frittata next time you visit, made with eggs, kale, tomato relish, cheddar and served with hash browns on the side for just over $10.


5. enVie // 5775 Charles Street

Bring the vegan in your life to enVie next time you’re looking for a healthy brunch spot that serves organic, locally sourced dishes. Grab their gluten free breakfast poutine made with hand cut potato wedges, caramelized onion gravy and house-made soy cheese curds for $9.


6. Good Food Emporium // 2186 Windsor Street

A cozy atmosphere with lots of vegetarian and vegan options available, the Good Food Emporium is a great spot to grab breakfast and do some reading next time you’re looking to get out of the house. Try their Breakfast Burrito for only $8!


7. The Coastal Café // 2731 Robie Street

With a brand new winter menu available, now is a better time than ever to try brunch at The Coastal Café on Robie Street. Go all out and try The Elvis – a buttermilk waffle sandwich with peanut butter, bananas, bacon and maple syrup for $10.75. Fear not vegetarians – there is an Elvis option for you as well!


8. Mary’s Place Café // 2752 Robie Street

This tiny North End diner is a classic breakfast spot you have to try. They serve up amazing vegetarian and Lebanese food – next time you’re looking for a big breakfast meal try their Big Guy 3x3, with 3 pieces of bacon or sausage, baloney or ham, home fries, and coffee or tea for $8.99.


9. Waffle Love // 5530 Kaye Street

It’s amazing that there aren’t more restaurants entirely dedicated to creating insane waffles, but thankfully there’s one in the North End at least. Try their All-Day Brekky Waffle with 2 scrambled eggs, sausage and three fried pirogues served with a side of sour cream for $11.50.


10. Fattoush Café // 2751 Gladstone Street

Another incredible Middle Eastern restaurant in Halifax that you have to hit for brunch is Fattoush’s Café on Gladstone. They serve breakfast all day long, giving you tons of time to drop by and try their Omelet Wrap for $6.50.


11. Epicurious Morsels // 5529 Young Street

This upscale Young Street restaurant is known for their incredible brunch menu – if you’re looking to go all out, check out their chef’s specials online and call ahead to place group orders. For the standard brunch goer, we recommend the California Croissant, served with a poached egg, avocado, tomato and creamy Mornay sauce for $12.


12. The Brooklyn Warehouse // 2795 Windsor Street

On Saturdays from 11:30am to 3:30pm The Brooklyn Warehouse pimps out their standard lunch menu by adding egg and bacon options to their already stellar plates. Grab a Fried Chicken Sandwich with egg, apple hot sauce, roasted garlic mayo, seasonal coleslaw and buttermilk brined chicken breast on a stone hearth white bun for $12.25.


13. Lion and Bright // 2534 Agricola Street

A classic spot to grab coffee and get some work done, this sleek North End café/wine bar offers up a pretty awesome brunch menu form 10am to 3:30pm – if you’re looking to save some cash try their classic grilled cheese with tomato onion jam for only $7.50.


14. Agora Café Bistro // 2394 Agricola St

This colorful café and grill house on Agricola serves some delicious Mediterranean breakfast options until 11:30am every day except Mondays – try their Halloumi Cheese Egg, with two fried eggs served atop Cyprus’ world famous Halloumi cheese and Ciabatta bread for $12.99.


15. The Local // 2037 Gottingen St

Duck in to The Local for more than just a beer and try some of the awesome options from their weekend brunch menu, served from 11am to 3pm. Go for the signature Local’s Breakfast Skillet, served with roast pork belly bacon, potato hash and aged cheddar, with dressed greens and a fried egg for $8.

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