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15 Amazing Restaurants To Try In Dartmouth

Visit these spots next time you cross the harbour!
15 Amazing Restaurants To Try In Dartmouth

Across the harbour, Dartmouth’s restaurant and bar scene offers a variety of delicious seafood, Italian cuisine and Asian fusion options that everyone in the HRM can enjoy.  Next time you’re looking for a spot to start your dinner-and-a-movie adventure, try one of the remarkable dishes we’ve included from the list of unreal establishments below.

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Il Trullo // 67 Kings Wharf Place

Type: Italian

Must-try dish: 48 Hour Sous Vide Lamb Shank

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Pho Hoang Minh Restaurant // Wyse Road Plaza

Type: Vietnamese & Chinese

Must-try dish: Special Beef Pho

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John’s Lunch // 352 Pleasant Street

Type: Seafood

Must-try dish: Fish & Chips (considered the best in Canada!)

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The Wooden Monkey // 305 Alderney Drive

Type: Vegan/Vegetarian

Must-try dish: Lentil Burger

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Seventy3 // 73 Alderney Drive

Type: Canadian Fusion

Must-try dish: Pan Seared Duck

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The Canteen on Portland // 22 Portland Street

Type: Sandwich Cafe

Must-try dish: Hangover Breakfast Sandwich

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Cha Baa Thai // 100 Ilsley Avenue

Type: Thai Fusion

Must-try dish: Mango Chicken

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Portland Street Creperie // 55 Portland Street

Type: Creperie

Must-try dish: Oreo Cheesecake Crepe

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Ship Victory Restaurant & Lounge // 400 Windmill Road

Type: Seafood

Must-try dish: Pan Fried Haddock

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Steak and Stein // 620 Portland Street

Type: Steakhouse

Must-try dish: 18 oz T-Bone Steak

Trendz Café & Wine Bar // 15 Spectacle Lake Drive

Type: Canadian

Must-try dish: Atlantic Seafood Medley

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Millstone Public House // 250 Baker Drive

Type: Seafood

Must-try dish: Fish Tacos

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Vines Pasta Grill // 4 Panavista Drive

Type: Italian

Must-try dish: Ginger Scallop Linguini

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Usta Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant // 635 Portland Hills Drive

Type: Mediterranean

Must-try dish: Mixed Kabob Plate

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Talay Thai // 984 Cole Harbour Road

Type: Thai

Must-try dish: Pad Thai with prawns

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