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15 Halifax Models Who Are Killing The Instagram Game Right Now

Though the Halifax modelling scene is small, there are a few young professionals that are killing the game right, appearing in photo shoots all over the city and working with local designers to create amazing campaigns!

These days having a dope Instagram feed is the best way to promote your modelling portfolio.  The 14 models we’ve listed below in no particular order work hard to post awesome pictures and create dynamic accounts.  Some are just starting out in the modelling game, while others are seasoned pros!  Regardless you won't regret following this talented bunch.

Katie McDonald // @katie.model.dancer

City Models

via @saddiebutaddie

Addie Van Rijn // @saddiebutaddie

via @catherine_richardson_model

Catherine Richardson // @catherine_richardson_model

City Models

via @deesilkie

Ndeera Medina //

City Models

via @reneamit

Rene Amit // @reneamit

City Models

via @athenaismod_el

Athenaïs Testi // @athenaismod_el

Plutino Models

via @adamobrienphotography

Emily // @emily.citymodels

City Models

via @shannonisaacs14

Shannon Isaacs // @shannonisaacs14

Scout Development

via @ashley.mooney.citymodels

Ashley Mooney // @ashley.mooney.citymodels

City Models

via @nicki_palmtree

Nicki Palmtree // @nicki_palmtree

Numa Models

via @reannegaudet

Reanne Gaudet // @reannegaudet

City Models

via @atlanticfashionweek

Lulay // @lulay__

City Models

via @v_mcdermott

Victoria McDermott // @v_mcdermott

via @anthonyelcid

Teska Manning // @teskamanning 

via @pangaea_

Sheena // @pangaea_

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