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With the power of the Internet we have put together a collection of memes that accurately depict the struggles associated with living in Halifax - nay, with living in the Maritimes as a whole.  After scouring Reddit for hours we've selected a series of images that capture the hilarity that is our East Coast Lifestyle, and almost all of them are about snow.

Anyone who's ever spent time living in Nova Scotia will get a kick out of these

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Even though Ontario's vaccine certificates launch as soon as next week, one man from Orangeville just couldn't wait any longer.

In a Reddit post published on r/Ontario on September 15, user howhowardshowered shared a picture of his makeshift (and unofficial) vaccine certificate.

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Simu Liu Held An AMA On Reddit & His Answers Were Both Wholesome & Hilarious

He adds extras to his Uber Eats orders to justify the "astronomical" delivery fee.

Leading up to the release of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, actor Simu Liu conducted an AMA on Reddit yesterday to answer fans' questions.

With nearly 5,000 comments and over 50,000 upvotes on the thread, Liu began by introducing himself and saying: "Let's do this! (except spoilery stuff!)" He also added proof that it was really him running the AMA by linking to his tweet on the r/marvelstudios board.

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As Premier Doug Ford continues to urge residents to get vaccinated so Ontario can finally move out of step three of the provincial reopening plan, his daughter Krista Ford Haynes has taken to her Instagram account to share her thoughts on COVID-19 vaccines.

"This is what I got in the mail today, so I'm going to read it to y'all," Premier Ford's eldest daughter said in the video before she flashed the informational COVID-19 flyer to the camera.

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Massive 'Dogecoin' Earnings Covered Everyone's Dog Adoption Fee At A Florida Shelter

A donor decided to do some good with their earnings. 🐶 💸

The sudden rise of the meme cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin is now to thank for putting hundreds and even thousands of dollars into investors' pockets.

One investor, who remains anonymous, seems to have won big after the currency's value shot up nearly 400% in the past week, but they decided to do some good at Florida's Halifax Humane Society with their earnings.

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