We all have that one friend that seeks out the 5-year-old Chocolate Chips in your pantry because they need their fix of sugar. Sometimes they don’t like to admit they have a sweet tooth and instead they’d rather just hide all of the candy wrappers in their bedside table.

The thing is people that have a sweet tooth aren’t fully satisfied until they’ve gotten what they need, so we’re here to help you out with making sure your BFF has somewhere to go when they need their fix. 


1. Humani-T Cafe // 5755 Young Street and 1451 South Park St.

Known for their speciality teas, Humani-T cafe offers a wide variety of specialised hot beverages such as the “Skor Bar Latte” and they also have hand-made gelato.


2. Layers // 1276 Barrington St. Halifax

If you or you BFF hasn't tried one of Layers cupcakes, you’re not living right. They have two featured cupcakes per day of the week with flavours like Cookies and Cream and White chocolate raspberry.


3. Susie’s Shortbreads // 218 Chain Lake Drive

They’ve got it all: cookies, cakes, cupcakes, cupcake parfaits, truffles and even cheesecake babies...which are bite-sized cheesecakes that come in too many different flavours.


4. Middle Spoon Desserterie & Bar // 1563 Barrington Street

Sweet eats and drinks, The Middle Spoon is the perfect place to take your BFF for a good cocktail.


5. Freak Lunchbox // 1729 Barrington Street

You fav place growing up, Freak Lunchbox has any type of candy you could imagine and they even have flavoured milkshakes.


6. Sweet Hereafter Cheesecakery // 6148 Quinpool Road

Lounge in big comfy chairs with your BFF at this luxurious artisan cheesecake restaurant.


7. Marble Slab // 278 Lacewood Dr.

Ice cream, prepared on a marble slab, mixed with anything and everything you’d like...what more could you ask for? Well for one they can make your ice cream masterpiece into a milkshake should you wish.


8. Chocolates By Design // 1360 Lower Water Street

This awesome cafe/ bakery makes Belgian chocolates or even fondue plates that are just too cute.


9. Laura Secord // Halifax Shopping Centre

Pick up some ice cream or some premium chocolates from one of Canada’s highest recognized chocolate companies.


10. Newfoundland Chocolate Company // Halifax Shopping Centre

One of the newest store additions to Halifax Shopping Centre, this location is home to the largest chocolate fountain in Canada so your BFF’s dreams just came true.


11. Sweet Janes //1300 Queen Street

Sweet Janes has an assortment of candy baskets that your BFF is going to love, or they would be a great birthday gift.


12. Sugah // 1475 Lower Water Street

This local sweets business is located on the waterfront and has hand paddled ice cream in a variety of flavours and mix-ins.


13. Scanway // 1505 Barrington Street

If your BFF is into doughnuts, look no further. Scanway has all of your doughnut and cake cravings covered.

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14. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory // 5525 Spring Garden Road

Grab a chocolate covered candy-apple, ice cream with tons of toppings or just a good old chocolate bar at this Spring Garden candy shop!


15. Le French Fix Pâtisserie // 5233 Prince Street

If you're in the mood for delicious macaroons and french inspired pastries be sure to sample all the delicious sweets at Le French Fix Patisserie!

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