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15 Things You’ll Never Get Used To In Halifax Even If You’ve Lived Here Forever

Just when you thought you were officially a "local"...
15 Things You’ll Never Get Used To In Halifax Even If You’ve Lived Here Forever

No matter how long you've spent in Halifax, there are a couple things about this city that continue to surprise even locals on a regular basis. If you're reading this prior to a trip out East, prepare yourselves for the time of your life!

From the obsession with donair to getting drunk on a Saturday afternoon, Halifax has so many things that locals and visitors alike find especially...unique about the city. Below is a list of some of the hilarious traits that make Halifax such a memorable place.

1. The crazy, unreliable bus schedules

Even if you have a handy transit app telling you the 1 or 14 is on its way in 7 minutes, you’ll learn to leave yourself 10-15 minutes before your bus comes and after it’s supposed to arrive. You’ll be thankful for the extra walking time when you’re late for work or class.

 2. Unpredictable daily weather

Just because it says sunny with the high of 10 degrees doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring a raincoat or a winter coat. Mother nature will turn on you so fast, you’ll get major whiplash.

 3. Running into people you know, literally everywhere

Halifax is small enough that you run into people you know everywhere. Nowhere is safe from that random girl that was in your Grade 10 Math class.

 4. Always having to wear a helmet

It's a good idea nonetheless, but police in Halifax can actually give you a ticket if you forget to protect your noggin while biking or skateboarding!

 5. How small town the city feels even though it’s quite big

One of the best things about Halifax is having that small town feeling while still living in the city.

6. Having no major sports teams

It’s super awkward trying to explain to someone who the Halifax Mooseheads are and why they aren’t in the NHL.

 7. The 12:00 pm Cannon fire from the Citadel Hill

No matter how long I've lived here, that cannon still makes me jump.

 8. Cars randomly stopping for you

Though it is still best to cross at the lights.

9.Tourist Season

Between May and October walking along the Harbour or down Spring Garden Road, the streets are plagued with hundreds of tourists.

10. People getting rowdy on Saturday afternoons

Saturday afternoon downtown at Split Crow is always a wild time no matter what the temperature or how busy peoples exam schedules are.

11. The number of students

Given that there are so many major universities in the city, the population of students is still an always surprising phenomenon.

12. Donairs

What are donairs anyway? Why do people love them so much? And why is there so much hype around literally shaved meat?

13. The number of random graveyards around the city.

Although the historical aspects are really cool, it's super creepy walking past a cemetery in the middle of downtown. Especially at 3 am.

14. How to navigate the rotary

It is so easy to get trapped driving around in circles and missing your exit multiple times.

 15. All the hills

Shin splints suck. A lot. But your butt will look great.

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