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16 Bucket List Sandwiches Every Haligonian Needs To Try ASAP

Go on a food tour of the city to try them all.
16 Bucket List Sandwiches Every Haligonian Needs To Try ASAP

In these treacherous times, fraught with no-carb diets and celiacs disease, sandwich making is truly a dying art.  The seventeen brave restaurants we've listed below have continuously hustled to push the envelope, each one creating delicious sandwiches more creative and awe-inspiring than the last.

If you're ever looking for a food tour to embark on through the HRM, consult this bucketlist and try all the incredible sandwiches listed below - but space it out over a few weeks and savour each one.

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The Lobster Roll at McKelvie’s Restaurant

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The Pork Meatball Sandwich at Indochine Banh Mi

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Smoke On The Harbour Grilled Cheese from Halifax Press

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Smoked Meat Sandwich at Hali Deli

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The St. Denis at The Other Bean

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 The Egg-O-Reno at Steve-O-Reno’s

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The Elvis at The Coastal Café

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Chicken Cheddar Chutney Panini at The Wired Monk

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 Fried Chicken Sandwich at Black Sheep

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The Peanut Butter Burger at Darrell’s Restaurant

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The Pulled Pork Sandwich at Auction House

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The Brisket Sandwich at The Canteen

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The Original at Nomad Gourmet

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The Meatball Sub at Your Fathers Moustache

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Prosciutto, Basil & Bocconcini Sandwich at The Italian Market

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Fried Chicken Sandwich at Brooklyn Warehouse

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